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The Rothenbaum Dynasty ruled the Belkan Empire for 63 years, since the First Belkan–Osean War in 1852 until the Belkan Revolution of 1915, during the reigns of five kaisers.

The Rothenbaums ruled from the Belkan capital of Dinsmark, where the imperial palace was located.

The rule of the Rothenbaum Dynasty was marked by absolutism and authoritarianism, under a system where the nobility held control over the rest of the population. Starting with the reign of Emperor Konstantin, the government became very corrupt and dysfunctional. However, the imperial government maintained a firm control over the military and a secret police force, which were used to kill millions of dissidents.

Despite its brutality, the Rothenbaum era was viewed positively by many Belkans as early as the 1990s and the 2000s. Its rule represented the greatest extent of Belkan territorial and military power.

List of emperors[]

# Name Reign
1 Ferdinand (the Great) 1852—1861
2 August 1861—1894
3 Konstantin 1894—1910
4 Friedrich 1910—1914
5 Max Joseph 1914—1915