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"Yo dawg I heer u liek wepunz, so we put a wepunz on ur wepunz so u can fiet while you fiet!"
—The Crew of "Pimp My Ride" to T. Ro'lo
—The distinctive sound made by the Trollhound's jet engine.

The Rule-31 Trollhound was a specialized variant of the MiG-31 Foxhound built specifically for the infamous ace and YouTube sensation, Tyson Ro'lo. It was later used by a mysterious Bakan radical group known as the Old Guys, and was flown by both Atlie Burn-it and Mitchell Hot-er-rod in the Circus Pacific War of 2010.

Pimp My Ride! (Development and Construction)[]


Tyson Ro'lo, pilot of the Rule-31 Trollhound

This plane was made on a bet with the director of the TV show, "Pimp My Ride". Normally, the crew only customized cars, but in this case they were given a challenge: build the biggest, fastest and most heavily armed fighter they could, to be used by T. Ro'lo, aka "The Troll". Elated at the challenge, they immediately got to work. 64 days, 58 bottles of krazy glue, 7000 rolls of duct tape, 70 hours of texting girlfriends, 34 phone calls, 200 beers, 10 barfights, 17 nights in jail, 60 bathroom breaks and one admission to the local insane asylum later, the plane was completed. The Troll was deeply impressed, and gave them one hundred million zollars in return (they were counterfeit however).

The Troll and the Old Guys (Operational Service)[]

T.Ro'ol was hired by the Bakan radical group, the Old Guys as a hitman. He along with the three youngest members of said group, Atlie Burn-it, Mitchell Hot-er-rod and Ham Elton were assigned to infiltrate Osea and Yuketobania. The Rule-31 was copied and given to each pilot and their squadrons, and proved extremely successful during the war. However, the Grayback and Oftenear Squadrons were both shot down, even though the Troll escaped. He would show up periodically over time, flying the same plane every time. The Troll and the Rule-31 remain at large, and a serious threat to Air Forces and Internet Providers around the world.

Specs (As Described by T. Ro'lo on his fansite)[]

  • Speed: It's Over 9000!!!
  • Mobility: Rule-31: Do not feed the trolls
  • Stability: icanhazcheezburgernao?
  • Defense: 1337
  • Air-to-Air: IMMA FIRIN MA LAZOR!!!
  • Air-to-Ground: N00B
  • Spility (WTF?): T0T4L PWN4G3
  • Weapons: 1 x 37 mm nuclear potato cannon, 12 x LAZOR cannons, 1 x 37 mm gatling cannon firing 6900 rtp/m (rolls of toilet paper per minute), 1 x F-Bomb, An unknown number of hidden nuisance devices, countermeasures and internet memes


  • Tyson Ro'lo (The Troll)
  • Atlie Burn-it (Grayback)
  • Mitchell Hot-er-rod (Oftennear)
  • Ham Elton