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SHS Maria Theresia

The SHS Maria Theresia was a Belkan Navy light cruiser that was in device before and during the Belkan War, the only one of its class. It was launched in 1986 was part of the Belkan naval armament expansion program and almost immediately deployed to Estovakia where it became part of the Verusa Squadron.


It was one of the cruiser designs created by the Anfang–Trapp Shipbuilding Bureau in the 1970s on a contract for the Belkan nationalist government as part of a military buildup. After undergoing sea trials, it was determined that the Maria Theresia would be the only ship of its class as more effective designs were in the process of being made. She was laid down in 1978, but some delays in construction meant that the cruiser wasn't commissioned until 1984, a year behind schedule, and as launched in November 1986.

SHS Maria Theresia completed her trials in January 1987 and was sent to Estovakia, under th command of Frigate Captain Ivan Bayan, shortly afterwards where she joined the Verusa Squadron. From 1987 until 1989 the cruiser served as the squadron's flagship, before the arrival of the SHS Oldenburg, at which point Rear Admiral Maximilian von der Tan transferred his flag to the larger vessel. Maria Theresia took part in training exercises with the Estovakian navy before briefly returning to Anfang in Belka for a refit in April–October 1992.