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Sakha, officially the Kingdom of Sakha, is a sparsely populated country in the subarctic northwestern corner of the Usean continent. The majority of its territory is a peninsula covered in rocky glaciers and pack ice, with icy inlets along the coast. Its economy is based on large deposits of oil and natural gas, which make it the main supplier of these resources to other Usean countries. The nation was a member of the Independent State Allied Forces during the Continental War.


The Kingdom of Sakha has a small but professional and well funded military which includes the Land Forces, Navy, Air Force, and Royal Guard.

The Royal Sakha Land Forces consist of about 8,500 personnel divided into three brigades and a few independent units. Most of Sakha's equipment was purchased second hand from other countries. Two mechanised infantry brigades, equipped with BMP-3 fighting vehicles, and one armoured brigade with T-64 and T-72 tanks are the army's main fighting force. There is also one special operations battalion. The Royal Sakha Navy mostly consists of coastal patrol and missile boats, with a Slava-class cruiser serving as the flagship. The majority of the fleet consists of Osa-class missile boats, Gyurza-M-class artillery boats, and Type 062 gunboats. The Royal Sakha Air Force mainly flew Eurofighter Typhoons, and a smaller number of MiG-29 and F-16 fighters.