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Schezna squadron is a Usean Tactical fighter squadron led by Zane "Buster"

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Schezna squadron



Their primary mission prior to 1999 was to defend the planned second Stonehenge Network that would be located high up in the Schezna mountains. After only one turret was delivered, the plans were cancelled, though the cannon was active.

In early 1999, the squadron had become fed up with the country's policies and eventually joined the then new "Sons of Ulysses" anarchist group. As of June 30th, 1999, the Squadron is stationed at Schezna Air Force Base. They fly YF-23 "Black Widows" and are rumored to be able to fly F-35C "Lightning II" fighters on Carrier missions, a job suited normally for naval pilots. Rumors also state that Zane Winchell is the cousin of Padriug Dunn, the leader of STFS "Cerberus"


Zane's YF-23