Schleifen Squadron

Schleifen Squadron

Full Name



Union of Anea


Anean Uprising


Vincent (Schleifen 1)

Known Members

Callsign: Blitz (Schleifen 2)
Callsign: Drachen (Schleifen 3)
Callsign: Panzer (Schleifen 4)


Su-37 Terminator
Su-47 Berkut

The Schleifen Squadron is the lead fighter squadron of the Union of Anea during the Anean Uprising. Known for their lethal and brutal dogfight tactics, this squadron was only matched by Shard Squadron during the war.


Schleifen 1 - Vincent, Callsign: Schleifen. Su-47 Berkut, PAK-FA, ASF-S20 Schleifen.

Schleifen 2 - Unknown, Callsign: Blitz. Su-37 Terminator, PAK-FA.

Schleifen 3 - Unknown, Callsign: Drachen. Su-37 Terminator, PAK-FA.

Schleifen 4 - Unknown, Callsign: Panzer. Su-37 Terminator, PAK-FA.


Not much is known about Schleifen Squadron, other than that the group used to be in the Estovakian Air Force by another name. They eventually defected from the air force and created their own mercenary group, flying missions for whatever country paid the most. Eventually Vincent decided to unify the countries of Anea by combining their militaries and governments to form the Union of Anea. It is unknown exactly how he did this, but when it came time to attack Osea, Schleifen Squadron was the leading squadron of the entire nation.

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