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"That's a juicy target."
—Sebastian Koch seeing the AA Guns and SAMs on the runway about to get destroyed

Sebastian "Fang" Koch, callsign Fang. A pilot that won notoriety over the first few weeks of the Lighthouse war due to his amazing luck. On the very first combat mission he participated his plane was directly struck by a missile launched by Osean fighters. Luckily for him, the fuzing mechanism of the missile was defective and the warhead did not detonate, though it caused significant damage by lodging itself into the airframe, with pieces of the missile damaging hydraulic lines and destroying one of the engines. Despite that, he was able to bring the plane back to the base in one piece, where the missile was safely removed and the plane was repaired and brought back into service. Just a few weeks later he suffered a mid-air collision with an Osean F-16 during a close range dogfight, miraculously suffering only a torn vertical stabilizer, a damaged nose radome and mostly minor fuselage damage, unlike his opponent who had to bail out from an uncontrollable plane after the collision. Once again Fang managed to land his aircraft safely, with both plane and pilot being able to go back into action shortly after.

These incidents and other close calls made Sebastian increasingly confident and gave him a false sense of invincibility, which combined with his stubborn and arrogant attitude made him perform all sorts of risky stunts and maneuvers on the battlefield. When the Erusean Air Force began a sustained bombing campaign on Zapland Air Force Base, believing it to be a staging area for the Osean Air Defense Force due to the high number of planes in the area,[1] Sebastian was assigned as an escort for the bombing raids, though he frequently broke formation to fly dangerous stunts over the airfield and pulling off maneuvers around the bombers themselves.

On July 1st, what he thought was another ordinary bombing raid on the Zapland base became his undoing when the base scrambled fighters of the OADF's penal unit, the 444th Fighter Squadron "Spare". This was not an uncommon occurrence, as fighters from the penal squadrons had been scrambled multiple times before as distraction and due to their poor combat record they were not considered a significant threat by the Eruseans. This time, however, Sebastian watched astonished as one particular fighter with three white lines painted on its tail quickly chewed up through an entire formation of Erusean bombers and its fighter escorts, displaying unusual skill for a fighter pilot. He immediately chose to turn around, called for a retreat and told bombers to abandon their attack run, though his request for a retreat was ignored by their command. It's unknown what shattered his sense of confidence. Perhaps he was able to sense he was not facing an ordinary pilot and despite his usual bravado and his combat experience the panic set in. In any case, surviving pilots from his squadron recall his desperate calls for backup on the radio as the Osean ace pilot set his sights on him. He thus became a victim of the pilot who would be renowned as "Three Strikes" by allies and enemies alike. He was shot down by Trigger when he was retreating and landed quite far from 444 Air Base. He landed safely and watching his ally bombers get shot down one by one, when all bombers are shot down, Sebastian walked to the airbase and think rather get captured than die here, but he was also very worried that they going to kill him but then he decided to surrender the Oseans and pray not to get shot. And then he was captured and became a decoy like Spare Squadron and his plane was recovered, he continued to be in Spare Squadron and was moved to Tyler Island. Like most other Erusean POW, he was released when the war ended. His fate after the war is unknown.

  1. They are actually fake planes Oseans made to trick the Eruseans