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Second Circum-Pacific War
Second Circum-Pacific War
Date: May 22nd, 2022 - November 28th, 2032

The Coalition of Osea

  • Osean Federation
  • Principality of Belka (Joined Late 2023)
  • Republic of Ustio (Joined the Summer of 2023)
  • Usea (Joined the war in Early 2025)

The Powers of Verusa...

  • Empire of Yuktobania
  • Empire of Verusa
  • Republic of Gebet (Invaded St Hewlett on April 2nd, 2023)
  • Federation of Sotoa
  • Principality of Saipin (Invaded Osea on June 22nd, 2022)
  • Kaluga Empire
  • Principality of Valka
  • Romy Empire
  • Republic of Gebet (Invaded North Osea on June 22nd, 2022)
  • Ratio Republic
  • FATO
  • Empire of Recta (Invaded West Osea on July 25th, 2022)

Verusa Powers

  • Emperor Kirill Renilov

Coalition of Osea

  • President Carter Howell
Status: Ongoing...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Second Circum-Pacific War (第二次太平洋戦争) was a brutal 10 year war that occured 12 years following the First Circum-Pacific War that occured in 2010.

Unlike the first war that lasted only 2 months, the Second War would be go down in world history as the longest and most bloodiest Modern War in the history of Earth, having to last from May 22nd, 2022 all the way to November 28th, 2032.

It was also considered to be the most destructive war since the Belkan War in 1995. The conflict first started off as a war between Osean and Yuktobania, before it spiral out of control when the Empire of Yuktobaniania;s Allies had all unleashed their military strength on the Osean Federation by June 22nd, 2022, when the neighboring nation of Saipin invaded Osea's eastern nation. Yuktobanian invaded the West along with its Verusa Allies conquering the entire western coastline before advancing further inland by April 20th, 2023.

As the Verusa Powers happened to be gaining the Upper hand, while the President of Osea was desperately looking for allies in order to attempt a counterattack, the biggest blow in the Osean Federation came at the Battle of Zangia on August 13th, 2023, when joint Saipin, and Yuktobanian forces together crushed the entire Industrial city, cutting off Osea's last supply route to Oured.

By August 28th, 2023, the war would eventually grow out of control to the point that the Republic of Ustio declared war on Saipin, and launched a full scale blitz attack on the nation, finally reliving pressure from the Osean Federation, and opening up a second front for the Verusa Powers, however, despite this turn of events in the final months of the Summer of 2023, the situation in Osea was still critical as the Saipin forces still held a large amount of territories in Eastern Osean, while the Yuktobanian Imperial forces were moving closer and closer toward November City to the point that the entire region came under siege by October 10th, 2023.

Prior to the Events[]

Yuktobanina Civil War[]

Following the events of the 2010 2 Month Circum-Pacific War, that was originated by the Belkan faction known as Grey Man, in order to turn both the Osean Federation and Union of Yuktobanian Republics against each other, although the first war ended with both Osea and Yuktobania ending the war peacefully after finding out the cause of the division and conflict, the Second Circum-Pacific War was in fact the opposite of the first one.

During the course of the 12 years that followed following the First Circum-Pacific War, the Union of Yuktobanian Republics fell into chaos, with a new faction called the Empire of Yuktobania (Or Yuktobanian Empire) launching a civil war within the nation that would begin in 2016, despite support from the Osean Federation, the sudden hype of the Lighthouse War that would occur in 2019 (A war also caused by the Grey Man), would eventually force the Osean Federation into dividing its forces between the War with Erusia, and and Yuktobanian Civil War.

Tragedy would eventually strike the Osean Federation as by June 6th, 2019 President Vincent Harling was killed during the height of the Lighthouse War, which in turn weakened the Osean Leadership, despite this, the Osean Federation was able to replace Vincent Harling with Carter Howell, the Son of General Bartholomew Howell (And also a close friend to Vincent Harling during his time in presidency), the man who led the Osean forces in the Invasion of Yuktobania back during the first Circum-Pacific War in 2010, where he immieadely seeing that the Lighthouse war was truly spiraling out of control ordered all Osean forces to USEA, not knowing by making this one order, that he would soon be the cause of a 10 year Bloody and destructive War with its formal Ally Yuktobania.

The lack of support from Osea, eventually caused the Union of Yuktobanina republic forces to become cornered at the Battle of Taracov that was located up north on the Yuktobania coastline that overlooks the Fuscum Sea where a large Siege had occurred, by the time the Osean Federation was able to end the Lighthouse War, it would be a month too late.

By November 29th, 2019, all Republic forces that were once allied to the Osean Federation, had been annihilated, with only a few battleships and troop transports escaping into the Fuscum Sea, the Union of Yuktobanian Republics would soon dissolve, bringing about the birth of the Empire of Yuktobanina as a complete state on December 1st, 2019, the very day that Osea had finally managed to square up the Lighthouse War in Erusia.

Massacre of the Ceres Ocean[]

Despite the end of the Lighthouse War, Osean President Howell would eventually learn of Yuktobanina's complete fall and transformation, where it was said by the staff of Vincent Harling (In which President Howell chose to keep around) that the remaining Republic forces of Yuktobanina had abandoned their motherland, and were heading straight to seek sanctuary in Emmeria on the continent of Anea, feeling guilty for his decision, President Howell instead sent the Osean Maritime Defense Forces into the Fuscom Sea, where they instead allowed the remaining surviving military refugees to travel and seek refuge inside Osea instead.

However, as the group of both Yuktobanian and Osean ships were steaming back to Osea, the fleet came under heavy fire from Imperial Squadrons that were led by Commander Vlad Viskoff, of the 44th Imperial Air Cores. The result was catastrophic where despite Osea's attempt to defend the convoy 8 of the surviving Republic ships were sunk, each containing civilians and soldiers, by the time the smoke cleared, only one Republic transport made it back to St Hewlett in Osea.

Tensions rose between both nations as a Cold War later occured between the Empire of Yuktobania and Osean Federation.

Imperial Cold War 2019-2022[]

U2 Incident of 2020 & Attempted Negotiations[]

Since the beginning of the Cold War most of 2020 saw almost no immieadely action between both nations, as the Empire of Yuktobania was still recovering following its 3 year civil war, but hostilities and tensions between both nations have not changed.

By January 1st, 2020, the very first day of the year, Yuktobania and Osea both conducted recon flights over one another's airspace using advanced spy planes, that kept them hidden from Rader, and could fly at an altitude high enough where intercept fighters could not easily shoot them down. These actions would continue on for about 5 and a half months until a single Osean U2 that was on its way out of Yuktobanian skies had suffered engine problems and was forced to lower its altitude where it then shot down by a pair of Imperial Airforce pilots of the 184th Yuktobanian Imperial Vulture Air forces, further deepening the tensions between both nations, as the pilots of the Osean U2 never survived the incident.

As a result to negotiate for peace, President Carter Howell from May 19th, 2020 up to September 22nd, 2020 attempted to conduct many peace negotiations with the Empire of Yuktobania, in hopes of not having to suffer a second War like they did 10 years ago in 2020, but these negotiations often fell on deaf ears, and were often ignored, this intern further scared the citizens of the Osean Federation, including its new Yuktobanian citizens that gained citizenship in the country following the evacuation from Yuhtobanian during the civil war.

Following the Ceres Sea Massacre, the single transport vessel that survived the whole Battle, many citizens of Yuktobanian that abandoned their homeland was allowed to become citizens of the Osean Federation and were allowed a place to stay in North Osea, many soldiers of the former Union of Yuktobanian Republics enlisted into the Osean Self Defense forces, while at the same time being granted homes inside North Osea, in the town of Kadan, about 15 miles South of Heirerlark Base.

Indoctrination of Yuktobanina[]

In August of 2020, the situation only worsened as the citizens of Yuktobanian had begun to fall for the military indoctrination of the entire nation, where it was the citizens of Yuktobanian began to believe in the lies that were spread around by the Imperial council, indicating anti Osean rhetoric. This rhetoric was said to have told the people that the Osean Army had never cared for the citizens and well being of Yuktobanina, and that they left all of them to die, during their most desperate time of need.

This was all known to be countered by many loyal Republic citizens within the Empire of Yuktobanina who at the time were fighting a war on truth, in order to try and convince the citizens of Yuktobanina that the only reason the Osean military pulled out, was due tot he Lighthouse War that was gripping Erusia on the Continent of Usea at the time, but these brave truth seekers were silenced by September 14th, 2020, where most of them disappeared due to unknown circumstances, allowing the Empire to continue to spill its miss information on the people of Yuktobanina, where as by the point of November 2020, the citizens of Yuktobania had lost all respect for the Osean Federation.

By November 22nd, 2020, the Truth War was entirely lost to the propaganda conducted by the Empire when these truth seekers had vanished, where by this time over 90 percent of the population of Yuktobanina had lost all respect for the Osean Federation and now look at them with hate and anger, many of them calling them traitors and cowards for leaving their nation to die when they needed them the most.

However, despite a large percentage of Yuktobaninas believing the propaganda 10 percent did not, believe in the propaganda and tried to defend Osea, but many of these people who tried to defend Osea, would be terminated by their own people, this in turn further forced a large exodus of the 10 percent of Yuktobanian citizens into leaving and abandoning their nation, and moving to Osea, further upgrading the population from over 388 to over 50,000 in North Osea.

Unfortunately the days of Osea trying to defend itself for pulling out in 2019 would be long over.

Yuktobanian Expansion & Reactivation of Sand Island[]

By December 3rd, 2020, the Empire of Yuktobanina looked to expand its rulership while at the same time creating an alliance that would make them strong enough to withstand any Invasion or war in the future, a majority of this would be conducted on the West, where the Empire of Yuktobanina would send people to convince militaries and leaderships on the Western nations of Versua, in to joining the Imperial cause as allies to the Empire of Yuktobanina, this was mostly done in secrecy, as no one from the Osean Federation knew of this, mainly due to the fact that the Empire of Yuktobanian had conducted its own form of negotiations by expanding its rule to the Osean Continent itself, by moving missionaries into the nations of Sapin, Utsio, Ratio, Nordlands, FATO, Recta, Wielvakia and even Gebet.

From December 15th, to December 31st, 2020 out of 8 of the nations on the Osean continent, about 4 of them decided to work with the Empire of Yuktobanina, while the other 4 rejected the offers, and wanted nothing to do with the Cold War.

Unfortunately unknown to the Osean Federation would be that these nations would be Recta, the Republic of Gebet, FATO, and worst of all Saipin, a nation on the border with the Osean Federation, where they would eventually be the first allies of the Empire of Yuktobanina in secrecy.

As the months progressed going up into 2021, the Cold War took a turn for the worst, when the Empire of Yuktobania that was run and controlled by Yuktobanian Emperor Kirill Renilov, had managed to expand its territory within the neighboring nations of the Verusa continent, further adding more and more allies who would join the Empire of Yuktobania.

The Osean Federation would never know this, until it was too late, as during this small alliance being built, the 4 nations that were conducting this alliance with the Empire of Yuktobanina were still working with the Osean Federation, in order to keep suspicions off of what was really happening on the Osean Federation's own doorstep.

However, there was one expansion that the Osean Federation were aware of, and that was the fact of Yuktobanina expanding its rule into the western sides of the Verusa continent.

This was discovered by March 22nd, 2021, after a U2 Plane was actually able to locate Yuktobanina troops moving in unopposed into the neighboring country of Sotoa, which confused the Osean government officials in Oured at first, until the reality was able to set in.

By September 1st, 2021 the nations of Sotoa, Valka, Kaluga, Romny, and even a nation named after the Continent itself, Verusa had joined the Empire of Yuktobania as allies and to the new Superpower of Strangereal, further causing fear within the Osean Capital of Oured, this in turn forced the Osean Federation to lockdown its Oceanic border zone, where as a result led to the reactivation of Sand Island, a First Circum-Pacific War Era Airbase that was decommissioned at the end of the war in the year 2011, following the peace between both nations at the time.

Following its activation Jack Bartlett a veteran of both the Belkan and First Circum-Pacific War who survived the Battle of Sudentor after colliding his plane with Hamilton's, had decided to re-enlist into the Osean Airforce, and became the head commander of Sand Island on September 21st, 2021, where he had begun training procedures towards new cadet Pilots that were sent from Heierlark Air Force Base, while a now 67 year old Peter N. Beagle who had resided on Sand Island during its times of closure, had happily agreed to aide in the training.

During the course of this training, familiar aces returned to Sand Island after 11 years, by December 31st 2021, where it was eventually discovered that the familiar aces, were the former Ghosts of Razgriz, who voluntarily chose to return to active duty following the tensions that were occurring in the 3 year Cold War with the Empire of Yuktobanina.

The sudden return of the Ghosts of Razgriz had quickly reached Oured, and gilled most of the Osean military with moral, despite no war not occurring at this time. By May 14th, 2022, President Howell with excitement immieadeitly allowed the air force to begin the return reservations for the aces of the First Circum-Pacific War, where not long after the Razgriz Squadron was reactivated, where its pilots Blaze, Kei Nagase, Marcus Snow, and Hans Grimm would eventually return to the sky after 11 years.

Oceanic Border Massacre[]

On May 20th, 2022, during cadet pilots of the Osean 154th Tactical Fighter squadron were conducting a training operation within the Ceres Sea, where not knowing that they were close to the Yuktobanian border, during the course, Yuktobaian Imperial fighters launched from Murska airbase, and attacked the group of pilots killing the recruits during the training, while also shooting down and killing Circum-Pacific War veteran Alex Moore.

The massacre was quickly covered up, in Osea by an unknown source within Oured, but in Yuktobanina Emperor Kirill Renilov, pointed out the massacre as an act of Osean aggression and how the Osean air force had attempted to violate their border zone within the Ceres Ocean, further heighten the tensions beyond repair at this point, even though Emperor Renilov's words were false, as the 154th Tactical Fighter squadron was operating on the Osean side of the border not the Yuktobanian side, therefore Yuktobanina aircraft had crossed and Invaded Osean airspace in order to shoot down the members of the 154th Tactical Squadron.

Despite the massacre being covered up, Jack Bartlett became furious with the murder of new cadets and a First Circum-Pacific War Veteran, and decided to launch his own training mission, this time with Razgriz reinforcing the trainees.

War is Declared[]

As the Osean planes led by both Heartbreak One, and Blaze led the cadets towards the location of the Ceres Massacre, the group came under radar again by the Military of Yuktobanian, this time the people of Yuktobanina were instructed to tune in on the Soyuz Broadcast News broadcast as Emperor Renilov wanted the people of the nation including the allies of Yuktobanina to witness the Osean attack themselves, and how the glorious airforce of the Empire of Yuktobanina would be scrambled in order to defend the air space of the motherland, little did the people know was that Emperor Renilov had planned to force the Osean forces into chasing them across the border in order to show the people of the true might of the treacherous Osean Federation that left them behind back in 2019.

The plan was to force the Oseans to Murska Airbase and make it look like an air raid was occurring on the base, which in turn would force all of Yuktobanina to cry for war.

As Hearbreak One and Razgriz Squadron reached the spot of where the 154th were shot down, the plan was unleashed and the attack on the group occured, beginning the Battle of the Border. Despite the protection of the new recruits, Heartbreak One and Razgriz squadron chased the Yuktobanian planes back toward the border in hopes of routing them back into Yuktobanian territory only for reinforcements to show up and officially forced the Osean planes across the border into Yuktobanian airspace much to the horror of the nations citizens. Realizing that the only way to get out was to attack Murska airbase, Heartbreak One ordered Razgriz Squadron to attack Murska airbase while he escorted the recruits farther away from the base.

The Oseans were able to escape leaving Murska airbase in ruins, and the destruction of the entire 14th Yuktobanian Air Corps, before fleeing back across the border zone toward Sand Island, as a result Renilov's plan had succeeded, and the Empire of Yuktobanina had declared war on the Osean Federation on May 22nd, 2022.