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-The battle cry of Comedian-Turned-Nazi Dictator "Smart" Alec Felsen when flying his trademark ADF-0-2-1 Failen over Dim's March, Bakan Waldreek during the final battle of the Even Bigger Ozone War

The Shoop-Da-Whoop LAZAR (SDWL) mounted on an ADF-0-2-1 Failen.

The Shoop-Da-Whoop LAZAR is the most powerful and most badass weapon ever mounted on a plane. It's so powerful that it sponataneously creates a shoop-da-woop face over the aircraft carrying it whenever it fires. It always yells, "IMMA CHARGIN' MA LAZAR!" soon followed by "IMMA FIRIN' MA LAZAR! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" whenever its used, and is often used in conjunction with the F-Bomb's specialized and far more devastating variant, the WTF-Bomb. If the LAZAR doesn't kill you, the sheer epicness of this weapon and Chuck Norris' roundhouse kicks WILL.

thumb|right|300px|Just an epic song I found on YouTube (The hardcore rock and roll part starts at the two-minute mark). We'll say this is the background music for when "Smart" Alec Felsen is fought.

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