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Skies of Death
Motto "Dive Into The Fireworks"
Allegiance The Sky
Deployment 2015-onwards
Role Hard Rock/Thrash Metal
Leader Joshua Bristow
Known members Joshua Brisow, Larry Foulke, Kei Nagase, and Dominic Zubov

Skies Of Death is a South Belkan/North Osean rock/metal band. Its current members are Joshua BristowLarry FoulkeKei Nagase, and Dominic Zubov


In May 2015, after Joshua Bristow was paroled from Land Ford, he decided that he simply could not live out the rest of his days as an ordinary, hardworking citizen. Owing to the fact that he had learned guitar during his 16-year incarceration, he decided to start a band. He approached Larry Foulke and Dominic Zubov (both had become musicians after the Belkan War) about the notion. Both agreed. Kei Nagase was also hired despite her reluctance to get involed at all.

Skies of Death first started out in Sudentor, chosen for its dismal landscape and because of its proximity between Belka and Osea. They first started in small gigs around town. However, they were brought in to record an album by Gründer Industries, who decided that "domination of all industries starts with domination of the music industry". Skies of Death's first album, Kupchenko, sold over 14 million copies in Belka, Ustio, and Osea

Skies of Death rose to fame quickly, and in 2016, a tour was held. Among one of the venues was the Sky Kid bar in Farbanti, where the band was warmly welcomed (except for Yellow Four, who felt that their lyrics reminded her of Yellow Thirteen too much. Apparently, she had become a regular at Sky Kid.)


Skies of Death combines utopian-idealist lyrics with an aggressive musical background. The lyrics are mostly written by Bristow, but reflect ideals and experiences of all four pilots. Skies of Death also features songs with solid instrumentation isntead of vocals. The band has a distinctive style of not clearly separating songs, but instead segues two different songs as if they were one. 

Onstage, the band members wear heavy makeup, tattered black clothes, and piercings (Nagase wears fake piercings, since she "won't change her body for something as stupid as this"). Props at live performances involve afterburning jet engines, Vulcan cannons that fire blanks, and miniature sidewinder missiles.


Joshua Bristow - Rhythm guitar and lead vocals (since rhyhm guitarists are a tad crazy)

Larry Foulke - Lead guitar and backing vocals

Kei Nagase - Bass guitar and backing vocals (since she didn't want to get too involved but did anyways)

Dominic Zubov - Percussion and backing vocals


Kupchenko (2015)[]

  • Lightning Speed
  • Comona
  • Megafloat
  • Mayhem
  • The Final Overture

Among others