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Solar Task Force
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Allegiance Independent State Allied Forces/ISAF Air Force
* Republic of Emmeria Air Force
* Sapin Air Force
* Osean Air Defense Force
* Yuktobanian Air Force
* Nordennavic Royal Air Force
* Ustio Air Force
* Usean Allied Forces
* Aurelian Air Force
Deployment The World War
AC Fanon Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal
Known members 8 squadrons/28 members
* Mercury Squadron: 4 members
* Venus Squadron: 4 members
* Earth Squadron: 5 members
* Mars Squadron: 5 members
* Jupiter Team: 2 members
* Saturn Team: 2 members
* Uranus Team: 3 members
* Neptune Team: 3 members
Aircraft 84 different units (3 for each pilot, canonically)

The Solar Task Force is the most important military unit of the ISAF during the World War, formed by the 28 best pilots from the 8 member countries. They are the main protagonists of Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal, but only 8 of them (the leader of each squadron) are the playable characters.

Squadrons and their pilots[]

This unit has 8 squadrons, which have from 2 to 5 members. Between the pilots, 24 came from the 8 best ISAF countries and only 4 of them came from Dinsmark Pact countries.

Emmeria's 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron "Mercury"
Mercury1 Male Emmeria This man is very friendly and has a great sense of honor during the battle. He is highly respected by his wingmen.
Mercury2 Female Yuktobania This girl has some time flying with Mercury 1 and even has a crush on him. Her brother is the leader of the Mars Squadron
Mercury3 Female Emmeria Despite being very calm, she can be a fierce opponent in air combat when someone is threatening her squadron. She is also a great fan of Garuda Team.
Mercury4 Male Emmeria Mercury 3's cousin. He has flown with her for a few years.
Sapin's 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Venus"
Venus1 Female Sapin A bold girl who's not afraid of danger. She seems to have a little crush on Mars 1, becuase she usually get nervous with him. Her best friend is Venus 2.
Venus2 Female Erusea She's nice, even when talks too much. She knows the feelings of Venus 1 towards the leader of the Mars Squadron, reason that she uses to usually make jokes at her leader.
Venus3 Female Sapin She and her sister Venus 4 have a special bond.
Venus4 Female Sapin Venus 3's younger sister. A bit silent pilot.
Osea's 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Earth"
Earth1 Female Osea A girl with a great sense of duty and justice. Her best friends are Earth 5 and Earth 2 (her closest wingman and secret love), and has a strong friendly rivalry with Mars 1. Her worst enemy is the leader of the Belkan Greifvogel Squadron, who is also the leader of the Dinsmark Pact.
Earth2 Male Osea He worries more on take care of his wingmen than himself, especially Earth 1.
Earth3 Male Osea Earth 1's brother. He always follows his sister and feels a great admiration to her.
Earth4 Male Osea This pilot can be unpredictable, always testing new maneuvers during his battles.
Earth5 Female Belka She is the sister of Greifvogel 1, the commander of the Dinsmark Pact. She hates oppressors and warmongers governments and is willing to do anything to liberate her country, even fight against her own brother. She has a good friendship with Earth 1.
Yuktobania's 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Mars"
Mars1 Male Yuktobania Mercury 2's brother. An excellent strategist who enjoys flying with his squadron all the time. He has a strong rivalry with Earth 1.
Mars2 Male Estovakia He may be considered a rookie, but is very helpful thanks to their knowledge about superweapons and its weak points.
Mars3 Male Yuktobania This guy loves fame and fortune, but that never change his loyalty to his friends.
Mars4 Male Ustio He is friendly, but very quiet and focused during his battles.
Mars5 Male Yuktobania This boy enjoys fighting strong opponents and is a bit reckless.
Nordennavic's 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Jupiter"
Jupiter1 Male Nordennavic He and Neptune 1 have some time working on aircraft performance and both are experts at that.
Jupiter2 Female Nordennavic She never gives up. This girl is always willing to complete an assigned task. She also enjoys flying with her Ustio friend, Saturn 2.
Ustio's 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Saturn"
Saturn1 Male Ustio This man loves speed, even if it is beyond his capabilities. His best friend (also girlfriend) is Saturn 2.
Saturn2 Female Ustio This girl is willing to follow her leader (also boyfriend) even in the most dangerous situations.
Central Usea's 7th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Uranus"
Uranus1 Male Central Usea This man was a pilot since the Second Usean Continental War. In fact, he flew with Mobius 1 on some sorties.
Uranus2 Male Central Usea Uranus 1's little brother and the rookie of the squadron. He never separated from his leader.
Uranus3 Male Central Usea Very intelligent to trick the enemy. He sometimes takes part about planning the operations.
Aurelia's 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Neptune"
Neptune1 Male Aurelia He and Jupiter 1 know a lot about aircraft performance and help other pilots to make the most of their aircraft.
Neptune2 Female Aurelia She has a friendly rivalry with Neptune 3.
Neptune3 Male Leasath The funny and outgoing member of the group, sometimes telling jokes with Venus 2 or competing with Neptune 2 about who is better pilot.


Each pilot use three aircraft from their respective Air Force.

PILOT 1st aircraft 2nd aircraft 3rd aircraft
Mercury 1 F-111C F-16F YF-23
Mercury 2 F-106A F-2A X-32
Mercury 3 F-104G F-16XL A-12
Mercury 4 F-105D F-16C F-117A
Venus 2 J35J JA 37 JAS 39C
Venus 3 MIR-F1 MIR-G8-01 RAFALE M
Venus 4 MIR-IV P MIR-2000-5 MIR-4000
Earth 1 F-4E F-14D F-22A
Earth 2 A-4F F-15E F-15SE
Earth 3 F-4G F-14B FB-22
Earth 4 F3H-2 F-15C F-15S/MTD
Earth 5 F-1 F-14A X-44
Mars 1 YAK-141 SU-30MKI T-50
Mars 2 YAK-38 T-10 S-32
Mars 3 SU-24MP SU-34 SU-47
Mars 4 SU-17 SU-33 SU-37
Mars 5 SU-25TM SU-27 SU-35BM
Jupiter 1 F-8E F/A-18E ASF-X
Jupiter 2 EA-6B F/A-18C ATD-0
Saturn 1 MIG-25PD MIG-31B MIG-1.44
Saturn 2 MIG-21BIS MIG-29A MIG-35D
Uranus 1 J-8 JF-17 J-20
Uranus 2 KFIR C7 FA-50 KF-X
Uranus 3 NESHER F-CK-1A J-10
Neptune 1 YF-12 A-10A F-35C
Neptune 2 F-20A X-29A F-35A
Neptune 3 F-5E AV-8B F-35B

Note: Each pilot is free to use another different from its respective three aircraft but, canonically, each pilot use its three assigned aircraft.


They use astronomical symbols as their emblems, located on both sides of aircraft's cockpit.


  • Venus 2, Earth 5, Mars 2 and Neptune 3 are the only members of the Task Force who came from enemy countries, but they were in their actual Air Forces before the war and hate the Dinsmark Pact.
  • Mars and Uranus squadrons have only men, as well as Venus only women. Other squadrons have at least one or two women.
  • ATD-0 and ASF-X are the only fictional aircraft included in the Task Force.