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"What are you doing with my kittens?!"
—Sophie when Trigger flew inside the tunnel, where her kittens lived

Sophie "Kitten" André, callsign Kitten. A promising young pilot of the Erusean Air Force born in the capital city of Farbanti, Kitten showed a natural talent for air combat as soon as she was put behind the controls of a fighter aircraft for the first time. She initially detested her TAC name, which she got early in her career for her looks and cheerful demeanor, as her instructor mockingly told her that he "would be surprised if a harmless kitten like her could survive a single sortie in an actual war", especially with her outdated F-4E Phantom II. As the name stuck, Sophie learned to embrace it, particularly during the war as she proved her instructor wrong by not just surviving her first sortie, but becoming ace on her very first week of the war. She developed a combat style where she crippled her targets with quick precise attacks, sometimes maneuvering around them and pursuing them for some time before delivering the final blow. As one of her comrades put it, "she was like a cat, playing with its wounded prey before killing it".

Despite having doubts early on about the war and Erusea's acts of aggresion against Osea, those were cast aside after learning that her family had been one of the many civilian casualties of Osea's bombing attacks on Farbanti launched as part of Osea's counteroffensive on May 30. With nowhere to return to, her family and her home all lost to the Osean air strikes, she dedicated herself fully to the war effort, becoming a feared fighter pilot by the Osean forces.

Sophie was one of the pilots that were scrambled when the Osean Air Defense Force launched Operation One Pair, an air raid of the Erusean military facilities in Roca Roja by a members of the Osean 444th Squadron, "Spare". While aircraft from Spare rained destruction on the base below, Sophie arrived and immediately engaged the Osean forces, attempting to take down their ace pilot. However, she proved no match for Trigger and was shot down over the base shortly after. Her plane exploded mid-air after she was able to eject and she died. Like other ace dead ace pilots, she was branded as heroes in her homeland.