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The Sukhoi Su-33MKW is an export variant of the Su-33 "Flanker-D" operated by Yuktobanian Navy. It is the most capable fighter in the Wellowan Naval Forces/Marines arsenal.


In 2005, the Wellowan and Yuktobanian governments signed commercial cooperation agreements, one of them confirming the purchase of armaments by Wellow and also established a joint project between the two countries. This project was the development of a Naval Flanker variant, modified to attend the needs of the Wellowan Navy. Combining extreme maneuverability, powerful Al-31FM1 engines, and the advanced N011M PESA radar, this fighter has great potential in both BVR and WVR combat scenarios. The project starts in 2007, with the first prototype flight in March 12 the next year. With the success of project, the first units were delivered to the Wellowan Navy and Marines in late 2008. In the present day, more than 35 units are being operated by both forces.


Standart weapons:

  • Gun:1x GSh-30 30mm cannon
  • Standart Missiles:2x Vympel R-73

Special Weapons:[]

  • XLAA: Vympel R-77
  • UGBL: FAB-1000 1000lb Bomb
  • LASM: Kh-25 (AS-10 Karen)