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The Su-55 "Terminator II" is a 6th-Generation Multirole fighter developed by Balrog Aeronautics Incorporated.


The Su-55 Terminator II represents the ultimate in Erusian fighter design. Heavily inspired by the Su-37 Flanker-F, the Terminator II is an extremely maneuverable air-superiority fighter.


The aircraft that would eventually become the Su-55 was first flown in August of 2019. The aircraft came from an Erusian proposal to develop a replacement for the KEAF's aging fleet of Su-37's and Su-47's. The prototype, internally designated Type-156, was designed as a direct competitor to General Resource's YF-22D prototype.

It was selected by the Ministry of War and Defense over the YF-22D, with the Ministry citing the Type-156's 3D thrust-vectoring nozzles and traditional glass canopy over the YF-22D's 2D thrust vectoring and COFFIN, along with its ability to hold a considerable amount of QAAM's as prevailing factors in its adoption.

The first pre-production aircraft, designated Su-55A was delivered to the then newly reformed 156th Tactical Fighter Wing "Aquila", also known as Yellow Squadron on March 14th, 2021, in a modern variation of the squadron's original color scheme, utilizing a special, radar-absorbing paint and slight modifications to the yellow highlights, including the addition of yellow paint to the canards.

The second pre-production aircraft, designated Type-156 was expected to be delivered to the squadron in June of that year, but was stolen by the fighter ace Dracul of the Free Erusian Air Force's (FEAF) 156th Tactical Fighter Squadron, otherwise known as Vampir. The current whereabouts of the fighter is unknown, but it is believed to still be operational.


The Su-55 is vastly improved over its contemporaries. The aircraft is claimed by BAI to be "Hyper-maneuverable", capable of performing maneuvers such as the Cobra at supersonic speeds. Compared to the YF-22D, however, it is inferior in several areas, its lack of a COFFIN system being one of them.

While it is still a capable fighter, and is able to outrun a standard F-22A in a straight line, other countries that have adopted the aircraft operate it almost exclusively in either ground-attack or radar jamming roles. The Kingdom of Erusea (and technically, the Free Erusian State) is the only country that operates the aircraft in its intended role as a fighter.

Its relatively high operating ceiling of 56,000 feet makes it idea for use as a mid-high altitude interceptor, while the superb supersonic maneuverability makes it excellent for low-level dogfighting and ground-attack missions. However, this is not without its disadvantages. The advanced thrust-vectoring nozzles make the aircraft extremely unstable at speeds below Mach 1, which can lead to potential stalls, and in worst-case scenarios, crashes.

Even with the design's numerous, inherent faults, the Su-55 is a respectable aircraft in most regards, and is considered the "flagship" of the KEAF.

Aces and Ace Squadrons[]

Being a fighter designed for the KEAF, it makes sense that the first, and only, squadron to receive this aircraft was the 156th Tactical Fighter Wing "Aquila". However, seeing as only two pre-production prototypes have thus far been built, only two pilots have been able to fly the "Terminator II":

  • Aquila 05, the flight lead of the reformed Aquila Squadron.
  • Dracul, the flight lead of the Free Erusian State's "Yellow Squadron".


Type-156 - Initial testbed/proof of concept. This aircraft is currently on display at BAI's world headquarters, in San Dorado, Erusea.

Su-55A "Terminator II" - The first combat-ready Su-55. This aircraft, serial # Su550001, is in active service with the KEAF, piloted by Aquila 05.

Type-156A "Flanker-K" - The second combat-ready Su-55. This aircraft, serial # Su550002, was stolen from a KEAF air base, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

Su-55B "Kulbit" - A proposed, bombing-oriented variant of the Su-55 platform. It will feature a cranked-arrow wing design, and 2D thrust-vector nozzles.


Being that it is a fighter, the Su-55 is meant to be as maneuverable as possible, while maintaining a light weight, and full combat effectiveness.

General Characteristics[]

  • Length: 90 feet
  • Wingspan: 45 feet
  • Weight: 78'000lbs (empty), 99'000lbs (loaded)
  • Height: 17 feet 1 inch

Main Armament[]

  • 2x 30mm GSh-301 Autocannons
  • General Purpose Missiles

Special Armament[]

  • Guided Penetration Bomb - Medium
  • Fuel-Air Explosion Bomb (FEAB)
  • Swarm Air-to-Air Missiles (SWAM)