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"[...] I believe that many countries are the responsible for the many wars and destruction we have experienced throughout several years, and I refuse to accept that. For me, the selfishness of countries are what fuel hostilities today, with that, I am officially retiring myself from the Erusean government and I will continue to lead my recently created corporation, Sun Industries, which has the main objective of, at last, bringing peace and brightness to the world. [...]"
—Rosa Cossette D'Elise, during her speech at Farbanti, Erusea, January 2021


The Sun Industries Corporation (commonly abbreviated to Sun Industries/Sun Corp.) is a major independent corporation based on it's own man-made island at Spring Sea, located at the middle of Twinkle Islands and Tyler Island. It has one of the biggest military forces of it's era, which is also the biggest private army in existence. Because it is feared by it's army strength and skill, and also being replete with technological advancements and dominance in almost all of the economic aspects of the world, a lot of countries depend economically and militarily on the corporation. Some of it's greatest achievements were the creation of the Delta Team, famously known as the military unit with the greatest assault record in the whole world; the development of the all-weather 7th-generation fighter X-02X King Wyvern, and the creation of the S.H.A.R.P series of 7th to 10th-gen fighters.


Lighthouse War[]

During the Lighthouse War, Rosa Cossette D'Elise, the Princess of Erusea, realized prior to Operation Daredevil that her speeches during and before the war helped boosting the same and even convincing the Erusean population of the necessity of power and recognition. Devastated by that, she decided that the war had to end as soon as possible, and helped at the assault on the Arsenal Bird Justice by downing it's APS, and during Operation Hush, where she says to the Osean ace Trigger and to his allies that there was still a remaining ADF-11 Raven UAV which had separated itself from it's RAW-F body, also saying that the UAV had entered a tunnel to the ISEV and someone had to fly after it.

Soon after Operation Hush's success, Rosa formed, with the approval of Osea, a provisional government around the Space Elevator to help refugees and had also became a symbol of peace and anti-war.

Post-war (late-2019 to early-2020)[]

At the end of November of 2019, the IUN leaders and Osean goverment allowed Erusea to realize an election, of which the winning candidate would become the Erusean leader. Although still being watched by the two and having restrictions, the new governor would be able to reconstruct it's country and work in cooperation with the occupying forces to do so.

Knowing that, Rosa leaded the Rose Liberal Party during the elections, of which had happened during December of 2019 and January of 2020. Being acclaimed by the population, Cossette's party won with 76% of total votes, beating the Erusean Radicalists party, the National Socialist Erusean Workers' Party, which had only 24% of the votes. With that, at February 1st, 2020, Rosa was elected "Queen of Erusea" and became the official leader of the nation. Because of their confidence on Rosa and her being elected, the IUN occupation forces even committed with giving more decision and ruling liberty to her. All of these factors, along with the complete eradication of the rebels and radical, made Erusea reconstruct itself at a rapidly increasing pace.

Early formation (mid-2020 to January-2021)[]

SFA-44 project and AOCDP attempted alliance[]

Main article: SFA-44 Soare Negru

During the year, several agreements were made and Osea allied themselves with the Anean countries to help with the development of 8th-gen SFA-44 fighter project, and, due to the great ties between the Oseans and Rosa's newly formed government, the Kingdom of Erusea and EASA were invited to enter the project and the AOCDP, being promised to receive economical, military and political support and sharing of technology.

Negotiations lasted months, but, ultimately, the alliance between Erusea and AOCDP was a failure, and the idea scrapped. The reasons behind that divert, some people say that Yuktobania and other countries -including Usean nations- threatened Erusea and forced them to not enter the coalition, others say that the Anean countries and Belka hadn't approved the attitude by Osea's end, but, regardless of these theories, the official reason had involved and begun with GAZE's magazine report of ACES at WARS, which was mainly about the Circum-Pacific War and the Grey Men, in 2020.

GAZE's ACES at WARS influence[]

Published at July 10, 2020, GAZE's ACES at WARS magazine had managed to get the Erusean Queen's attention. Shocked by the true objectives of the Grey Men and the purpose of the Circum-Pacific War, Rosa decided to search further. During the next few months until October, she managed to speak with several people -including some involved with the Grey Men-, one of the most important 'interviews' was in September, with OBC's reporter Brett Thompson, producer of the 2005 documentary entitled "Warriors and the Belkan War", Cossette was able to gain access to lots of information about the 1995 Belkan War and the mysterious organization called "A World With No Boundaries", later getting in touch with Larry Foulke, known as "Solo Wing", which had flown in the war as "Pixy" and had also defected to the AWWNB.

Later decisions and conception of Sun Industries (late-2020 to January 2021)[]

At the end of her research, Rosa concluded that, despite doing her best to make a better world and unite all countries, wars would still be able to happen, peace would never exist that way, because of the sole reason of whole countries dominating the globe. With that in mind, the queen decided to, at a final negotiation in November 14, refuse the alliance with the AOCDP, seeing that this could potentially fuel up tensions with other countries and give the necessary power to possible rebels in the Erusean territory to lead revolutions, terrorist attacks or even conflicts around the Usean continent or the entire planet. To Rosa's eyes, Erusea already had, at this point, an good and reorganized army, and, mainly, great fighters such as the F-22A, Su-57 and Su-47 and the mass-produced Su-37s and Su-35Ses, not justifiying the need of an excessively powerful and superior fighter such as the 8th-generation SFA-44 Soare Negru (or the 7th-gen ADF-1x Raven series), also, Osea already provided military support to the nation.

At late-November, Rosa came up with the concept of "megacorporation".

In short, megacorporations literally merge countries and corporations, they follow guidelines and administration of the corporations, while having dominance, power and political-military influence of countries, so, in it's core, megacorporations are countries with bigger freedom of decisions, while also being basically protected from almost any threats, because of, obviously, being capable of having armies; and not having an true central government. Another advantages compared to countries are that they don't need popular support to exist, because they follow traditional corporations guidelines; and that they can have or change their headquarters anywhere and at anytime.

With all of that in mind, and even patenting the 'megacorporation concept', Rosa began her great plan. During December 2020 and January 2021, she brought together her biggest allies and most loyal soldiers in Erusea and had secretly formed Sun Industries Corporation, while funding the efforts to build an man-made island on the halfway between Tyler Island and the Twinkle Islands, located in the Spring Sea, of which would become Sun Industries Corp's headquarters. To get help from other places and approval of Osea, Cossette misleadingly said that the island would serve as part of a project for boosting manufacturing of products in Erusea and space research, along with the ISEV's expansion (and finalization of the original construction project of the same).


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  • November 14 is the same date of Operation Long Harpoon from the Circum-Pacific War, in 2010.
  • The National Socialist Erusean Workers' Party is obviously inspired by the german far-right Nazi party, the NSDAP, created by Anton Drexler in 1920 and later leaded by Adolf Hitler from 1921 to 1945, which would rule the Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, the year which both party and the Nazi Germany would end, along with Hitler's death.