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Terra is a multi platfrom EMP weapon of mass destruction featured in Ace Combat: At Skies End. Designed by Belkan, Erusian, and Estovakian scientists under the Confederation, Terra was used in the opening hours of the Strangereal World War to spearhead the confederate invasions in Osea, Usea, Anea, and Ceres. It is a highly dangerous weapon, as it emits multiple unique attacks and weapons platforms.

Main weapon: ICEMPC ( Intercontinental EMP Cannon) (wind)

This weapon sets off several emp burst that have a range of over 9000 miles (haha). No seriously. 9000 miles. The burst spreads out into a giant wall that stretches from the ground to 40,000. The only way to dodge the burst is to fly between 8500 feet and 9000 feet. This is where the burst has no effect(from unknown (for unknown reasons). The weapon requires several days to recharge. But upon firing. It can shoot up to sixteen bursts.

Secondary weapon: Earth quake (earth)

Because of the massive shockwave that Terra generates after its attack, the weapon can also concentrate its energy and generate earthquakes.  These earthquakes can have an effective reange of over 5000 miles.  Terra can deploy mutiple earthquakes by shooting emp bursts underground, which travel to their target and dentonate.

Third weapon:  Tidal waves: (water)

If earthquakes are deployed at sea, terra can generate tidal waves large enough to capsize an entire fleet.

Fourth weapon:  Incineration Cannon: (fire)

The last weapon in Terrra's arensal only has an effective range of 2 miles.  However, anything caught in the emp's blast is vaporized.


Terra uses the four elements (wind, water, earth, and fire).

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