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Character list[]

2nd division covert ops

Bearded man: Commander

Bazooka Joe: Demolitions

Pixelate: Demolitions

JT: Intel

Raybeam: Intel

Waxman: Infantryman

Wipeout: Infantryman

Waffles: Infantryman

Clarence: Sniper

Wyvern: Sniper




FEBRUARY 01, 2011

2344 HRS.

The battle[]


Waxman: Hey Bearded man, what did General Parkinson say to you?

Bearded man: It's just one of those things that I can't explain. Troops--

Waffles: Hush up, they have snipers all over here! Lower your voice!

Bearded man (now whispering): As I was saying, gear up and run through your checks. In fifteen minutes, everyone follows me.

JT: Must be something serious, eh Bazooka Joe?

Bazooka Joe (Playing cards w/ JT and Clarence): Yup. (Puts cards away) We'll finish this game when we're done shooting, which I know we will be doing, since "you can't explain". (Starts to check ammo and gear)

02/01/11, 2359 hrs.

Waxman: Stop, Wipeout.

Wipeout (looking at Waxman's watch): I can't; only 32 seconds until the 2nd!

Waxman: Right, just keep looking at my watch, then, which is still on my wrist.

Bearded man: Simmer down. Now listen and remain calm. We're going to take a hill at Le Liberte. (scattered groans from men) Shut up. JT, Raybeam, your radios will be callsigned (gesturing with index finger) Papa Quebec (PQ) for JT and India Romeo (IR) for Raybeam. Try to stay alive. Remain calm, just remember your training, focus on what you're fighting for and don't get shot. Now let's move out. Follow me!

Wipeout, Wyvern, Waxman, and Waffles (all looking at Waxman's watch): Three, two, one...Feb. 2nd!

02/02/11, 0023 hrs.

Pixelate (shaking his head): I don't like having to board a transport that lands in the middle of a forest on a night like this. It never leads to anything good.

Bearded man: Shut up and get on the plane.

Pixelate: But we're not even paratroops, right? Hey, it's not like I'll whine about it...

Bearded man: (smirking) Nope. Won't be good at all.

02/02/11, 0101 hrs.

Pilot: We've entered Erusean airspace. I'll start taking AA soon, so get out! Now! Go go go go!

(Troops start yelling and jumping, then parachute towards the ground and regroup)

Bearded man: Hey Raybeam, tell the others we're here.

Raybeam: Yeah. This is India Romeo. Repeat, this is India Romeo. We are on point.

Radio: Roger India Romeo, this is Alpha Mike, we're also on point. (pause)  Roger, this is November Yankee, we are on point.

Bearded man: They say they'll alert us over the radio when the strike begins. Now, two things need to happen. (ticking off fingers) We need to prioritize targets and we--

JT's radio: Papa Quebec, Papa Quebec, this is Gulf Oscar. This is Gulf Oscar, we are on point.

JT: Comfirmed.

Bearded man: --we also need to establish a fall-back position. Start digging.

Wipeout (digging a foxhole): Waxman, help me with this hole!

Radio: Alpha Hotel's here. Repeat: Alpha Hotel combat ready.

Bearded man: JT, get on the line with Gulf Oscar.

JT: No need, they're over there.

Bearded man: I'm gonna go over and talk to them; Waxman, cover me.

Bearded man: Commander Pfifer, this is Commander Serra! Good morning!

Cmd. Pfifer: What? Oh right, sir! (salutes)

Bearded man: Start prioritizing targets and dig in. What is the attack time?

Cmd. Pfifer: 0159 hrs.

Bearded man: Confirmed.

Cmd. Pfifer: Ok. There's that antenna. A trail, for covoy, or the LZ for supplies.

Bearded man: Noted. (tears of a piece of note paper) Waxman, run this back to the rest of the squad.  

02/02/11, 0145 hrs.

Pixelate: All right ladies, perform final checks, remotivate yourself, calm down, whatever. Bearded man says we're going in 19. Man, I'm-(clutching his stomach)-I'm going to be flipping out later. Not feeling so good right now. Huhh-uhh-- (doubles over) BARF

Raybeam: Oh man, turn around! (Shields his eyes)

Wyvern: Hup, too late! Ohh-(turns around)-BARF

Bearded Man (smirking): You guys are babies. You haven't even seen any injuries yet.

Pixelate: Uhh, shush. (Groans)

02/02/11, 0158 hrs.[]

Bearded man: Let's move. Priority on securing communications. (pointing) Pixelate, Bazooka Joe, Clarence, Wyvern, and Wipeout, stay behind here. The rest, come with me. My group is detatchment A. You guys are B.

Pixelate: Bearded man, I'm destroying that antenna tower. (Points to the tower) We don't want any distress calls.

Bearded man: Go somewhere else and shoot man; don't give away your position.

Pixelate: Right. Wyvern, Wipeout, come with me. (Detatchment A leaves, Pixelate, Wipeout and Wyvern leave while  Bazooka Joe and Clarence stay)

Le Liberte hill 02/02/11, 0200 hrs.

Erusean soldier: Capitaine, que faisons-nous au sujet de ces Wielvakians là-bas? (Captain, what do we do about those Wielvakians down there?)

Erusean officer: Eh bien, je pense que nous avons attendu assez longtemps. Les éclairer! (Well, I think we've waited long enough. Light 'em up!)(Machine guns fire)

Detatchment A (or joint 2nd division-34th division)

JT: I got a comm; the assault on the main base has started.

Bearded man: Signal Pixelate; he needs--(Eruseans start shooting, Wielvakians hit the dirt and fire back)

Bearded man: Get down! Hit the dirt! Pfifer! Give me a grenade!

Lt. Mills: They got Pfifer, sir!

Raybeam: Everybody on the ground!

Detatchment B

Pixelate (aiming down his rocket launcher): I got the antenna locked in right now. Going hot in 15.

Wyvern (looking at the others): Wipeout, they'll need help. Get the others and go over there; we'll be fine.

Pixelate: Firing! (Fires rocket, antenna collapses)

Wipeout: I think he put me here to back you guys up!

Pixelate: Wyvern is right. Go. We'll be fine.

Wipeout: Uhh...-OK! (Wipeout runs to detatchment A)

Detatchment A

Raybeam: The tower's down!

Bearded man: Get grenades in place and--what the-

Wipeout (runs, then lies down): Bearded man, they thought you would need help!

Bearded man: You're darn right I do, but what about them? None of them will make it on their own!

Wipeout: They said they'd be fine. What do I do?

Waffles: All of detatch-get down! (BOOM) (Furrows brows) Artillery? Hold on... oh. As I was saying, detatchment A has about nine grenades altogether. Did you bring any?

Wipeout: I have four.

Raybeam: Hail Mary!

Bearded man: We've hit the mother lode! Get up there with Waxman and those guys (points), you guys will be hurling them to those two machine gun nests. When that's done, tell him to get himself and yourself over to help Pixelate and Wyvern.

Clarence: I need a spotter!

Bearded man: Here, I'll help. (runs over and goes prone next to Clarence) Good job so far.

Clarence: Just give me the measurements.

Bearded man: Target, twelve mils up, one mil right. Fire at will.


Clarence: This artillery is messing up my shot... (shoots) Nest one, silenced.

Le Liberte main base, 02/02/11, 0245 hrs.

LTG. Parkinson (in a foxhole): How's the radio, Major?

Major Wallace (in same foxhole): I think that the squads out near the hill could use some support.

LTG. Parkinson: How many squads are there?

Wallace: Five, sir.

LTG. Parkinson: Tell them they're going to get a chopper with the 212th machine gunner squad.

Wallace: Yes, sir.

Le Liberte hill, Remainder of Detatchment B, 02/02/11, 0325 hrs.

Wyvern (prone, aiming a sniper rifle): What the? He's messing up my shot! (snipes a light machine gunner)

Pixelate: Helicopter! (Stands up and runs to helicopter) Who are you?

Cmd. Hubert: 212th machine gun squad. Who are you?

Pixelate: Second part, detatchment B, second division, sir.

Wyvern (whispering to Pixelate): When do we get back to the rest of our detatchment?

Cmd. Hubert: Don't look big enough to be a detatchment, whatever. Parkinson sent us, for--

Wyvern: Pixelate, get down! (Ducks mortar attack) Where were they hiding THAT?

Pixelate: Put all four of the M-60's up there with detatchment A, sir.

Cmd. Hubert: In this situation, you have more experience than us. Heading to detatchment A. Sir.

Pixelate: No, no. In this situation, we are equals with equal goals. But I'm flattered. (Hubert goes one way, Pixelate and Wyvern go the other, to meet up with Bazooka Joe and Clarence) Hello, guys! (Lies down next to them)  

Le Liberte hill, Erusean troops, 02/02/11 0357 hrs.

Erusean soldier: Capitaine, ils ont sorti l'antenne! (Captain, they took out the antenna!)

Erusean officer: Ok, obtenir l'infanterie 102e sortir d'ici et jusqu'à la base principale; nous allons regrouper ya. (Ok, get the 102nd infantry out of here and down to the main base; we'll regroup there.)

Erusean soldier: Regardez, capitaine. (Look, Captain.) (Sees small flashes of light and explosions)

Erusian officer: Obtenez les soldats sur la ligne! (Get our soldiers on the line!)

Erusean soldier: Hélicoptère! Taking off! (Helicopter! Taking off!)

(Erusean soldiers fire shoulder-launched rocket and down the Wielvakian helicopter)

Detatchment A, 02/02/11, 0400 hrs.

Bearded man: What the heck!

212th soldier: They sent us up here, sir.

Bearded man: They who?

212th soldier: Your detatchment B...

Bearded man: Well, where di--

Wipeout: They have machine gun nests there and there. You guys shoot those. Me and Waxman'll cover you guys.

Bearded man: ...ok. Wait. You guys go find Detatchment B.

Le liberte hill, Erusean troops, 02/02/11, 0402 hrs

Erusean soldier: Capitaine, ils ont trouvé nos armes! (Captain, they found our guns!)

Erusean officer: Mettre tout le monde d'ici! (Get everyone out of here!)

Erusean soldier: Pour où?! (To where?!)

Erusean officer: ...Creusez tranchées dans le flanc de la colline. (...Dig foxholes in the side of the hill.)

Detatchment B, 02/02/11, 0436 hrs.

Pixelate: They've been at that for quite a while. I'm going to flash them a message in Morse.

Wyvern: Don't; the Eruseans are retreating to the side of the hill. I think a squad broke off to try to find us. Hey, guys!

Waxman: Sup.

Pixelate (smiling): We're going to have a shootout soon, aren't we?

Wipeout: Shouldn't be a problem for you. I mean, you've seen Western shootouts, right?

Pixelate: (Realizing he only has a pistol)  ...whatever.

Wyvern: Here they come. Oh, crap!

(Shooting erupts; Detatchemnt B, Waxman, and Wipeout shoot, then crouch-run to the 34th unit, who are at the bottom of the hill)

Pixelate: It's us, 2nd division. Seen our boys?

34th: I think they're charging on the hill! (Shoots)

Wipeout: Can't be. Even Bearded man--(dodges)--Bearded man knows that the numbers aren't in our favor.

Wyvern: Get down! (Eight Eruseans are establishing a temporary command post and have spotted Pixelate)

Wipeout: Waxman, fire!  

(Firing from Waxman, Wipeout, Clarence starts)

34th: I don't think we got any at all. Hold on, I can see running shapes.

Pixelate: Let's go!

(They reach the top of the hill)

Wipeout: We're back.

Raybeam: ...India Romeo to any units. We are charging the hill. Repeat. We are charging...hey guys. Missed you.

Wyvern: Bearded man, we have intel. Eruseans aren't here anymore. They're on the other side of the hill.

Bearded man (pondering): Man, seems you guys were really gone for a reason. Good intel. (Shakes his head) ...Oh heck. Charge! (All of the 2nd division jump into the trenches)

Detatchment A, 02/02/11, 0436 hrs.

Bearded man: Careful in this trench; they coud be around the corner.

Raybeam (whispering): This is India Romeo. Repeat, this is India Romeo, calling Lima Foxtrot. Lima Foxtrot, how are things?

Radio: Too quiet. I think they retreated.

Raybeam (whispering): They're quiet here too.

Erusean troops, Le Liberte hill, 02/02/11, 0448 hrs.

Erusean Officer: Combien de temps pour le lever du soleil? (How long to sunrise?)

Erusean soldier: Une heure. (An hour.) (A pause.) Le capitaine, peut-être que nous pourrions faire une antenne. On pourrait l'appeler un engin d'évacuation. (Captain, maybe we could make an antenna. We could call an evacuation craft.)

Erusean officer: Oui s'il vous plaît. (Yes please.) ... Le Liberte principale base, donner un statut. (Le Liberte main base, give status.)

Erusean Commander: Capitaine, nous se rendent. J'entends Mt. Le courage était prêt pour un combat à grande échelle. Nous évacuer le choppers, s'il vous plaît procéder à votre point d'évacuation designaten. (Captain, we are surrendering. I hear Mt. Courage was ready for a large scale fight. We're evacuating on choppers; please proceed to your designated evacuation point.)

Erusean Captain: Mais- (But-)

Erusean Commander: Préférez-vous rester juste, avez-vous et vos hommes tués? (Would you rather just stay, have you and your men killed?)

Erusean Captian: Négative, l'évacuation. Allons-y les gars! (Negative, evacuating. Let's go, guys!)

Regrouped Wielvakian hill offensive, Le Liberte hill, 02/02/11, 0500 hrs.

Pixelate: I tried to shoot them; they were on a chopper.

Bearded man: Ok. Let me get myself together. (Thinking) We go in, scared out of our minds having to take a hill, and we do it, without any major shooting. Good job, guys.

Le Liberte main base, 02/02/11, 0725[]

Gen. Parkinson: Sciffley!

1st Lt. Schiffley: Sir. (Saluting)

Gen. Parkinson: Raise the flag.

1st Lt. Schiffley: Sir! (Salute over)

FEAF Helicopter 2-3-tango, 02/02/11 0727hrs.

Pilot: Ils ont augmenté leur drapeau. (They raised their flag.)

Erusean officer: Nous serons de retour, les gars. La prochaine fois, je vais tuer ce mec Parkinson, peu importe quoi. (We'll be back, boys. Next time, I'm killing that guy Parkinson no matter what.)

Le Liberte bunker guard, 02/02/11, 0800 hrs.

Loudspeaker: This is General Parkinson. We congratulate those that fought to make this base ours. Let us now take a moment of silence for thise who have died.


Loudspeaker: This base is now under the occupation of the Wielvakian Army!

Bearded man: That's it, boys! Excellent!


In the night of 02 February 2011, an estimated seventy Wielvakian army divisions or around seven hundred men, took Le Liberte combat base, driving Erusean forces back to Mt. Courage. Air support was called in later in the night to support and an estimated thirty-two pilots participated in that.

The second division survived the battle. They went on to be a bunker guard for the main base. The Wielvakians were already making preperations to take Mt. Courage. It would have happened. However, on 06 February 2011 at 0330 hrs. Marcus Danial, the Erusean P.M ordered that all falgs flown by the Erusean army was to be replased by a white flag.