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Very little is known about this pilot. He was known to be a very skilled pilot in the Yuktobanian Air Force. He was also known to fly a dark black Yak 141 Freestyle. His emblem was the Ouroboros with a Skull in the circle. He was known to have shot down over 500 aircaft during his career. His large amount of kills, coupled with his aircrafts color earned him the name "The Black Death". He was shot down and killed on March 15 1987, in the final days of the Verusean Crisis.

Verusean Crisis[]

In the conflict between Yuktobania and Ilstovia, The Black Death served as one of Yuktobania's deadliest assets. He served as not only a combat asset but also a propoganda tool. He shot down many Ilstovian aircraft untill he was shot down while trying to make a rouge attack with a nuclear weapon on the Ilstovian capital of Ilev. He was shot down by the Ilstovian squadron White Eagle.