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The Demons Return is a FanFiction series currently being written by Aussie Raven. The fanon depicts an alternate reality of the Lighthouse War where Blaze and Razgriz Squadron are involved in the war. As a result, several key characters that would have otherwise died canonically in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown survive in The Demons Return because of Blaze's intervention. The Demons Return is one of three FanFictions in a series; Heros Of The Unsung War (which is based on the events of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War) and A Resurgent Enemy (based on a fictional Second Belkan War) are planned to release at some point in 2021.

Story Outline[]

After retiring from the Osean Air Defence Force, the four members of the Razgriz Squadron have all divided and gone their own ways. Alex 'Blaze' Williams works as an aircraft technician contracted with the Osean Maritime Defence Force. Kei 'Edge' Nagase is the mission commander of the Pilgrim One deep-space mission. Marcus 'Swordsman' Snow works for a salvage company and Hans 'Archer' Grimm is the commanding officer of a fighter squadron based out of Sand Island. When the Lighthouse War breaks out, Blaze, Snow and Grimm all manage to find their ways into combat, eventually finding each other and reforming the Razgriz Squadron.

Recurring AC5 characters[]

Commander Alex 'Blaze' Williams, OMDF - Alex Williams, callsign Blaze, is the leader of Razgriz Squadron, the top fighter ace of the Circum-Pacific War and the main protagonist of the fanon. 32 years old by 2019, Alex relegated himself to a ground-based support job following the war. When the Lighthouse War broke out, Alex took over the F/A-18C Hornet of an injured pilot and helped defend Naval Station Oured from Erusean drones. Alex was reintroduced into the military as a Lieutenant-Commander in the navy when all military forces were pulled away from Osea. He was later promoted to Commander before joining the DSRU for the attack on the Avenger. Alex served in Panther Squadron as its fourth wingman, Spare Squadron as its leader and military advisor, Strider Squadron as its leader for a brief time and finally as the leader of Razgriz Squadron. Alex used a variety of aircraft throughout the war, however his most common was the Su-33M3 Enhanced Flanker.

Major Hans 'Archer' Grimm, OADF - Hans Grimm, callsign Archer, is the 3rd member of Razgriz Squadron, one of the top aces of the Circum-Pacific War and one of the protagonists of the fanon. 28 by 2019, Grimm continued to serve the Air Force past the last war and eventually found himself as the commanding officer of the 242nd Tactical Fighter Wing off of Sand Island. Grimm's wing was transferred to the Usean continent shortly after the war started. Following the almost-complete destruction of his wing by Sol Squadron, Grimm joined his old squad leader in Spare Squadron as a military advisor. He later transferred with Alex to the LRSSG, forming Razgriz Squadron. Grimm was the squad leader of Titan Squadron of the 242nd, second-in-command of Spare Squadron and second-in-command of Razgriz Squadron until Snow joined, where he was then put into third. Grimm mainly operated the Typhoon FGR.4 during the war.

Commander Marcus 'Swordsman' Snow, OMDF - Marcus Snow, callsign Swordsman, was the 2nd member of Razgriz Squadron, one of its members during the Circum-Pacific War and one of the protagonists of the fanon. 43 by 2019, Snow went into the inactive reserves following the war and became a diver for a salvage company that found and marked old shipwrecks. Snow's squadron was activated when the war began and he was assigned the position of CAG on the aircraft carrier Hubert. When the carriers were dispersed following the first attack on Farbanti, Snow was reassigned to Task Force Outcome, a joint task force focused on reactivating Stonehenge. Following Operation Dragon's Breath, Snow joined Razgriz in the LRSSG. Tragically, Snow was killed during Operation Hush when he rammed one of the ADF-11F drones to save Trigger. Snow served on OFS Hubert as its CAG and the squad leader of Nemesis Squadron, squad leader of Razor Squadron and the 2nd member of Razgriz Squadron. He almost exclusively flew the F-14D Super Tomcat.

Captain Kei 'Edge' Nagase, OADF, IJSP - Kei Nagase, callsign Edge, was the 2nd member of Razgriz Squadron during the Circum-Pacific War and an ace pilot. 32 by 2019, Nagase was the mission commander of Pilgrim One, a space mission meant to destroy Ulysses-class asteroids in space before they could impact Earth. Pilgrim One was returning to Earth when the war started and Nagase and her crew were stuck in space. Nagase was one of the survivors of the crew when Pilgrim One was struck by three A-SAT missiles. She returned to Earth after Operation Hush and met joyfully with her old squadmates. Nagase was stuck in space for the entirety of the fanon and was not involved in any combat situations.

Major Jack 'Heartbreak One' Bartlett, OADF (ret.) - Jack Bartlett, callsign Heartbreak One, was the original leader of Wardog Squadron and the mentor of Blaze, Nagase and Grimm. 51 by 2019, he had a cameo in the fanon, providing some intelligence to Tyler Keith regarding the existence and work of the Black Raven. A retired pilot, Bartlett didn't serve in the war and wasn't involved in any combat situations.

Vincent Harling - Vincent Harling was the 48th President of the Osean Federation and the man behind the creation of the Space Elevator. Although only directly seen once, it is implied that Harling was safely rescued from Gunther Bay.

Recurring AC7 characters[]

Captain Eric 'Trigger' Kovac, OADF - Eric Kovac, callsign Trigger, is the leader of Strider Squadron, the top ace of the Lighthouse War and former criminal. 23 years old, Trigger was a criminal for much of his early life, specializing in ID theft and document forgery. He bounced around jobs that he faked having the credentials for until he joined the Air Force in 2018 where he found a passion for flying. Trigger was stationed at Fort Greys Island at the start of the war and served in an official capacity until Operation Lighthouse Keeper where he shot down a Gargoyle F-14D that had attempted to destroy the Space Elevator. He was charged with murder and transferred to Spare. He was later pardoned and assigned as the squad leader of Strider. Trigger served with Mage Squadron as its only other member, in Spare Squadron as a convict and in Strider Squadron as its squad leader. He used the F-16C Falcon, F-15C Eagle, a customized F-15E Strike Eagle and an F-22A Raptor.

Captain Kyle 'Count' Gregor, OADF - Kyle Gregor, callsign Count, is the leader of Cyclops Squadron and a former convict in Spare Squadron. 27 years old, Count was an Air Force instructor at Heirelark until he was convicted of monetary fraud and arrested. When the penal idea was evaluated, Count was the first to be sent to Spare. Count was the de-facto leader among the convicts until Alex became Spare's military advisor. Due to good will and conduct, Count was pardoned along with Trigger and Avril and transferred to the LRSSG. He served with Spare Squadron as one of its convicts, later transferring to Cyclops Squadron. He alternated between Strider and Cyclops as the war dragged on, but he was officially listed as Cyclop's leader following the death of Wiseman. Count operated the Su-33 Flanker-D while serving with Spare and transferred to the F-15C after transferring to the LRSSG.

Avril Mead, OADF (honourary) - Avril Mead is the chief mechanic for the LRSSG, former convict and aircraft enthusiast.

New characters[]

First Lieutenant Sara Hunter, OADF - Sara Hunter, callsign Mythic, is an OADF pilot and newest member of Razgriz Squadron. 21 years old, Sara was a newly minted pilot with Titan Squadron of the 242nd Wing when the war broke out.