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The Great Revolution Class Carrier

The Great Revolution Class Carrier (also known as Velikaya Revolyutsiya) is a class of 5 aircraft carriers, currently being built for the Yuktobanian Navy. "Great Revolution" "Litovsk" and "Tsepesh" will enter its sea trials in 2016 and  expected to enter active service in 2018; "Dmitry Leonov" and "Admiral Apraksin" are currently being built in Port Arkhangelsk and expected to begin the sea trials in 2020 with an initial operational capability in 2025. The class is intended to replace the already aging Kuznetsov Class carrier as the flagship of Yuktobanian fleets. Though the class shares similar hull design with the Ulyanovsk class carrier, The Great Revolution Class Carrier is far more sophisticated, with the latest naval technologies. But, the main difference is unlike its predecessor, the great revolution class carrier have replaced the ski jump with 2 Electromagnetic catapults and 2 steam catapults. The Great Revolution Class Carrier slightly top Osean Nimitz Class Carrier with an overall length of 1.100 feet but inferior in term of full load displacements of only 92,100 long tons.


In February 2011, a few months after the Circum-Pacific War, the Yuktobanian government launched the Strategic Defense Evaluation which re-evaluated every military arsenals of Yuktobania. The report, published in October 2011 concluded

"Yuktobanian Naval capability to project sea-based aerial operations is still limited due to lack of numbers of aircraft carrier and the inefficiency level identified on the aircraft carrier currently in service such as the Kuznetsov Class Aircraft Carrier. Therefore, When the current carrier force reaches the end of its planned service-life, we plan to replace it with new, larger and more efficient vessels to support future sea-based aerial operations"

In December 2011, The Naval Design Bureau came up with a design blueprint of codename "Proyekta 1143.8". Originally this new class of aircraft carrier would be named "Ulyanovsk II" due to the design's similarity but then Prime Minister Nikanor renamed it into "The Great Revolution" to honor the 1918's Revolution. 4 were proposed to be built but then the number increased to 5. 3 aircraft carriers entered their development phase in late 2012 and construction phase in March 2013. Meanwhile the other 2 are currently under their construction phase.

Design and Features[]

The Hull's design is derived from the Ulyanovsk Class Carrier which has been the flagship of Yuktobanian Naval Fleets since the class' completion in 1995 alongside the older Kuznetsov class. The Great Revolution Class have an overall legth of 1,100 Feet (335 Meters), a maximum width at flight deck level of 255 ft (77.72m), a draught of 11 meters, maximum speed of 30+ knots and unlimited operation range. The Great Revolution Class adopted the propulsion system of its predecessor the Ulyanovsk Class 4x OK-900 reactors each produces 600 MWT.

Flight Deck[]

Though the original deck design is derived from Ulyanovsk class but several sections have been altered from the layout of Ulyanovsk Class to improve aircraft handling, storage, and flow. The Ulyanovsk Class' carriers only have 2 catapults and a 12 degree ski-jump, though this configuration reduces operational cost but it also reduces the maximum take off weight capability. But, in the Great Revolution Class have removed the ski-jump and in addition 2 catapults are placed. Under the flight deck are a further nine decks. The hangar bay measures 690 by 115ft (210 by 35 meters). The class is equipped with 3 large elevators to transfer aircraft from the hangar bay to the flight deck


In early 2012, the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the carriers of The Great Revolution Class will be equipped with

  • 18x P-700M Anti-Ship Missiles
  • 10x Kashtan CIWS/CADS,
  • 25 3K95 Kinzhal SAM launchers,
  • and a choice between 2x RBU-12000 ASW Rocket Launchers (Great Revolution, and Litovsk) or 2x 2A42 57mm Automated guns (Tsepesh, Dmitry Leonov, Admiral Apraksin)

Carrier Air Wings[]

Vessels of the class are expected to capable of accommodating

  • 35x Su-33,
  • 12x MiG-29K,
  • 12x Su-25,
  • 20x Ka-60/Ka-27 and 8x Yak-44

But, in peacetime operations/voyages, the vessels are intended to carry not more than 55 aircrafts (25X SU-33, 5x MiG-29K 5x SU-25, 15x KA-60/27 and 5x YAK-44s)