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The Ulysses Conference in 2017 was a meeting held by the UN in Farbanti, Erusea. It was an attempt to stronger unify nations together against outer space or enviromental threats, something that a military couldn't solve. It also touched upon the Ulysses superweapons and their disarmament.  


UN Security Council[]

  • Osean Federation- Vincent Harling
  • Union of Yuktobanian Republics- Symon Rurek
  • Principality of Belka- Richard Volker
  • Federal Republic of Erusea- Abel Sylvestre
  • Independent States Allied Forces (Federation of Central Usea, Republic of Amber, Independent State of Ugellas, Republic of San Salvacion, and Republic of Delarus)- Monroe Slade

UN Participant members[]

Anean Continent[]

  • Kingdom of Nordennavic- King Gudmund Torbjørn
  • Federal Republic of Estovakia- Gen. Corneliu Dan

Verusean Continent[]

  • Republic of Verusea- Helena Gabija
  • Republic of Clavis- Rossi Marina
  • Republic of Sotoa- Orban Gabriel
  • Republic of Valga- Filippa Elene
  • Republic of Kaluga- Evgeni Ilia
  • Republic of Romny- Mitt Romney

Osean Continent[]

  • Democratic Federation of Wellow- Wilson Alistair
  • FATO- Glen Hopkins
  • Kingdom of Sapin- King Carlos Felipe
  • Republic of Ratio- Thomas Brigney
  • Republic of Ustio- Hadley Duvall
  • Republic of Nordland- Charles Retsons II
  • Republic of Wielvakia- William (Bill) Wensid
  • Republic of Recta- Milford Wilmore
  • Fedral Republic of Aurelia- Angelica Judite
  • Democratic Republic of Leasath- Balduino Aldo

Usean Continent[]

  • Republic of North Point- Julie Blackwell

Ratified Treaty[]

"On this eleventh day of May, 2017, the United Nations met to discuss the Ulysses 1994XFO4 asteroid and the weapons built to destroy it. These weapons included, but were not limited to: the Nuclear Missile Defense (NMD) system, the Megalith ICBM missile base, the Arkbird, the Chandelier Railgun, and the Stonehenge Turret Network (STN).

I. Disarmament

The aforementioned weapons are classified as a superweapon. A superweapon is now classified as:

1). A space station that is weapons capable

2). A chemical laser system 

3.) A railgun exceeding two hundred feet in length and three hundred feet in height, or

4). An aerial fortress (armed) larger than a Boeing 747-400.

Any superweapon must not be built for militaristic purposes. If a superweapon is built, the consent of either the UN Security Council or a UN assembly must be attained. Possible reasons for construction of a superweapon may be, but are not limited to those stated in Section II. The consequences for unauthorized construction or usage of a superweapon are a trade embargo with that country or a UN occupation level One.

Although they have already been destroyed by the heat of war, the aforementioned superweapons as well as the Excalibur chemical laser system, the XB-0 Valkryie, the P-1112 Aigaion, the P-1113 Kottos, and the P-114 Gyges superweapons are prohibited from usage or reconstruction.

II. Uniting nations in face of danger

When a problem or danger arises that cannot be solved by military or law enforcement (one such problem may have been the Ulysses1994XF04 asteroid), all nations must put forth an acceptable amount of participation on the issue to save the peoples that may be affected by the danger. The issue may be, but is not limited to, famine, environmental problems, or threats from outer space. If a nation refuses to participate, they will either suffer a trade embargo or a five-year suspension from the United Nations.

This treaty is signed by these twenty-four heads of state, representing their great nations and the people that live within those borders.

Vincent Harling, Symon Rurek, Richard Volker, Abel Sylvestre, Monroe Slade, Gudmund Torbjørn, Corneliu Dan, Helena Gabija, Ivanka Linda, Orban Gabriel, Filippa Elene, Evgeni Ilia, Mitt Romney, Wilson Alistair, Glen Hopkins, Carlos Felipe, Thomas Brigney, Hadley Duvall, Charles Retsons II, William Wensid, Milford Wilmore, Angelica Judite, Balduino Aldo, Julie Blackwell."