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The whiny kid,based on the F-bomb and WTF-Bomb,is a megaphone bomb designed by Isea to Screech the hell out of enemy positions.(NO OFFENSE INTENDED HERE.)


In a survey,Studies show that kids were able to scream louder than their parents or any adult.Thus the mad scientist,MEEDDDIICCK set off on creating a kid-based bomb.

Dat Weapon.[]

The whiny kid's weapon is actually used by recording a kid scrreching at his loudest.Once recorded,the tape is put into a bomb.After that,thousands of megaphones are then taped onto the bomb and then sent to war.

The bomb is mostly used on enemy pillboxes where large numbers of enemy infantry are at.When dropped,it will first hit the ground.When it hits,the system triggers the tape to play and the sound is then relayed through the megaphones through the whole building,making people's heads explode.

However,after the war,its effectivness could not be tested.So he asked Infinity Ward to create a game,and thus,COD MW2 was born.Little did IW know that it was actually used to test the The Whiny Kid.[1]

Sound-ITS OVER 9000!!!!!