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Miles Stephen is a character I created just to toy with the idea of, "What if there was a Strangereal equivalent of Forrest Gump?" If you have ideas, feel free to add them.

  • 1994- Discovers 1994XF04 at a school star party.
  • March 25, 1995- Goes on mining expedition in Ustio, discovers natural resources.
  • 1995- Meets with Belkan Chancellor.
  • Late 1995- Calls friend about "big planes carrying big things." Later recalls "bright flash and resulting evacuation."
  • 1998- Finds "deformed whale" off of the coast of St. Ark, carrying "deep blowhole with rocket".
  • 2004- Alerted local authorities about airliners and fighters playing "cat and mouse" over the sky while staying at a hotel.
  • 2005- Observes a bird flying over an island with "what seems like an ancient temple". ISAF MP almost arrests him for loitering, then confirms it as Megalith.
  • 2006- Sees several men walking down his street in Oured at night, calls cops; later revealed to be The Falcons of Dawn.
  • 2006- Spots six "scissor-winged planes". Authorities confirm them as Free Erusean X-02's.
  • 2009- Joins OADF.
  • 2010- Detects several flights of planes off coast of Sand Island; Tries to warn controller that he has "misplaced some Zeros" but other controller pays no attention.
  • 2010- Emergency-landed a C-5 Galaxy in a grassy knoll with Vincent Harling onboard. 
  • 2010- Sees another "deformed whale" in a recon photo of the Razgriz Straits.
  • 2010- Intercepted Radio transmission from within Yuktobania with the name "Nagase"; relays signal to Sea Goblin.
  • 2010- Called on to OFS Andromeda; intercepts location of Harling and then a "weird string of numbers".
  • 2010- Sent to Yuktobania to help with nuclear disarmament. Being slightly drunk, he urinates on the detonator and shorts it out.
  • 2010- Blueprints for the Falken are found, "I needed a tissue and couldn't find any."
  • 2010- Deciphers a disc with "some strange satellite". Leaves OADF.
  • 2015- Joins Emmerian Air Force.
  • 2016- Tracks location of "Air Forts".
  • 2016- Tracks "some light fixture or something" in deep Estovakia.