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"Shit, all air defenses are dead"
—Besson when Trigger destroy all anti-air weapon

Thibault "Faucon" Besson, callsign Faucon was born in a humble family in a small town north of Anchorhead. According to his father, he was related to the Erusean family that ascended to the throne in the early 2010s, albeit distantly. His father taught him from a young age to hunt in the forest, becoming proficient with the rifle and also with bow and arrow. He continued to practice archery and rifle shooting as a sport in his later years, only at a shooting range instead of hunting live game.

He was known for being laid-back and easy-going. He enjoyed reading adventure novels and wanted to become a writer in his adult life, but his parents convinced him into joining the armed forces. The Ulysses disaster had sunk the entire continent of Usea into chaos, economic problems were rife in the zone and the future did not look bright in the slightest, so being in the military meant a secure job and education. He joined the Erusean Air Force as an officer cadet, where he instantly became disliked by his superiors. He seemed to lacked the drive to become a disciplined and patriotic soldier, his laid-back attitude often mistaken for laziness and inattention. Despite that, the love for flying he developed during basic flight training kept him motivated and made him persevere, bregrudgingly earning the respect of his detractors. After graduating, he was sent to a reserve squadron. His unit saw no action during the first few weeks of the war and was only sent to the front to replace pilots lost after the Osean counterattacks had started. As a natural marksman, he showed a remarkable skill with the use of weaponry, both guided and unguided, though he prefered the former to the latter. Rather than engaging in physically-demanding close range dogfighting and having to endure several Gs during combat maneuvers, he preferred to let his missiles do the hard job, flying fast and high while keeping a distance from the enemy. He was no slouch at dogfighting, though, becoming particularly proficient with his aircraft's guns.

When a group of Osean fighters planes from Strider and Cyclops squadron penetrated deep into the Erusean-controlled territory on July 12, bypassing the drone air defense network to perform a recon mission over the Hatties desert, Faucon was put on alert and scrambled to intercept the Oseans when they were detected retreating towards Yinshi Valley. Thibault arrived to the area, only to find that the Osean 444th Squadron "Spare" was in the area to neutralize air defenses and create a safe corridor for the retreating aircraft. Spare squadron fighters had severely damaged most of the radar installations and air defenses in the area despite the bad weather conditions that limited visibility, strong air currents around the rocky valley and difficult terrain. It was these conditions that made it impossible for Thibault to engage in his preferred method of combat of fighting high and from afar.

Thibault prepared to face the Spare fighters, having to get up close with their ace squadron. He reported seeing three white lines on the tail of the plane shortly before command lost all radio contact with him. Being shot down and having to eject was only the start of his ordeal, however, as the strong winds pushed his parachute around like a leaf in the storm, while the thunderstorm that ensued made the possibility of being struck by lightning a very real danger. But luck does not come to him, the wind was too strong and his body was found attached to a cliff wall.