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Bob: What is it Tom?
Major Tom: It's a Time Machine Bob!
Bob: A... Time Machine?! Cool... can I?
Major Tom: NO!


It's powered by Pigeon's which you place them in the Flux Capacitor (Blender) then you type in the time code into Time Occlusive Device (computer) (say if you want to kill Hitler when he was a child) then jump in the Empyrean Protection Device (Phone Booth), then you hold on for your dear poor soul and when you arrive in the correct time zone the Counter-Impact Thingamabob (Moon Lander) stops you splatting like a Grape you are.

Aces/Ace Squadrons:[]

  • Lorenz Ryedie
  • Major Tom


  • Speed: Infinite
  • Mobility: Infinite
  • Stability: Infinite
  • Defense: Infinite
  • Air-to-Air: Infinite
  • Air-to-Ground: Infinite
  • Spility: Infinite
  • Time Fuel: Not so infinite...


  • Pigeon Bombs.
  • Time Travel.


There is a rumor that this Time Machine was used to mess up the Time Line of events in Strangereal, creating the 52 Pickup storyline.