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This is a list of Canon events that occur in the Strangereal World and the Namdaiverse, along with works of fan fiction added in. Feel free to add and link your fanon here too.


Strangereal from space.

11th Century[]


  • Founding of the Tsardom of Dresdene


  • The Tsardom of Dresdene builds the first Fortress Bastok to defend the Bastok Peninsula

12th Century[]


  • Settlers from Dresdene reach the banks of the river Cini in the northern region of the Verusan continent, there they found the city of Cinigrad and the Tsardom of Cinigrad, the Tsardom of Cinigrad will be the catalyst for the modern nation of Yuktobania.

13th Century[]


  • The Tsardom of Cinigrad, having since conquered most of the northern region of the Verusan continent, set their sights northwards, beyond the Fuscum Sea, they land in the eastern part of the Anean continent and found the city of Novo Cinigrad, later to be renamed Estograd, the capital of Estovakia.

15th Century[]


  • The Tsardom of Cinigrad completes its conquest over the other Tsardoms, Tsar Yukian VI of Cinigrad decided to name his new nation the Grand Tsardom of Yuktobania, after both himself and the Yukians, natives of northern regions of the small nation of Verusa, and the ancestors of the Yuktobanians.

16th Century[]


  • Tsar Seryozha III abandons the "Tsar" title in favour of "Emperor", as a result he demands the renaming of the Grand Tsardom of Yuktobania to the Empire of Yuktobania


  • The Duchy of Novo Cinigrad calls for an increase in self-rule from the Empire of Yuktobania, Emperor Viktor IV, popularly known as "Viktor the Wise", agrees to their requests. The Duchy of Novo Cinigrad becomes the Grand Duchy of Estovakia, which is a name chosen by Viktor IV because he believes it will remind the settlers of their relation to Yuktobania, and thus strengthen their loyalty.

18th Century[]


  • Estovakia, under the rule of the corpulent Emperor Petr V "the Uncaring", declares their desire to secede from the Empire of Yuktobania due to Petr V making decisions counter-productive to their well-being.


  • April Massacre - Estovakian independence demonstrators are fired upon by Yuktobanian Imperial Army forces on the order of Petr V, many are killed, the event causes wide spread condemnation across the world, the strongest condemnation came from Estovakia's western neighbour, the Republic of Emmeria.
  • The Estovakian War of Independence, Estovakia successfully wins their war of independence, they are led by Princess Sofia of Estograd, cousin of Petr V, Sofia hold sympathies for the rebels.
  • Angered by Emmerian political support for the rebels, Petr V demands the invasion of Emmeria, Yuktobanian forces land in far eastern Emmeria, and march on the city of Mante, as a result Emmeria and the rebels form the Emmeria-Estovakia Alliance, and together defeat the Yuktobanian invasion in the Battle of Mante.
  • The Grand Duchy of Estovakia becomes the Tsardom of Estovakia under Tsarina Sofia I.


  • The Fuscum War, Yuktobania attempts to reclaim Estovakia, and expand their Empire into Emmeria, their attempts to invade are beaten off by the combined efforts of the Emmerian and Estovakian navies.
  • Public support for the war falls as Yuktobania struggles to gain a foothold in Anea, the Imperial Duma of Yuktobania call for a ceasefire, resulting in the Cinigrad Accords.

19th Century[]


  • Matthias Gründer forms Gründer Industrielle Werke (GIW) in Sudentor.


  • Osean-Estovakian Alliance, the Osean Federation forms an alliance with the Tsardom of Estovakia.

20th Century[]


  • Osean War begins.


  • Osean War ends.


  • Founding of the Royal Estovakian Army Air Corps and the Royal Estovakian Naval Air Service, the predecessors to the Estovakian Air Force.


  • Many years of royal mismanagement and growing public discontent in Estovakia results in the Estovakian Revolution, both Osea and Emmeria declare support for the Estovakian monarchy, the former out of a need to honour their alliance, the latter because they believe it is the best chance for a quick recovery of peace.
  • June Massacre - Shadowing the April Massacre of 1711, the monarch of Estovakia demands the execution of a protest by those who oppose his rule, to much global condemnation.
  • As a result of the June Massacre both Osea and Emmeria switch their support to the Estovakia Republicans, the Republicans win the war and form the Republic of Estovakia, the Estovakian royal family flee to the Sonne Islands.
  • In exile from much of their former nation, the Estovakian royal family declare the Sonne Islands independent from Estovakia, creating the "Tsardom of the Sonne Islands".
  • Following the founding of the Republic the Royal Estovakian Army Air Corps and the Royal Estovakian Naval Air Service are unified into the Estovakian Air Force.


  • The Tsardom of the Sonne Islands is brought back into Estovakia, the Estovakian royal family flees to Emmeria, where they remain.
  • The Bundeswehr is formed.


  • The "Federal Compromise of 1930" - the local governments of the Republic of Estovakia demand an increased amount of local self-governance, the Estovakian central government agrees to this request, as a result the Republic of Estovakia becomes the Federal Republic of Estovakia.


  • Osean Continental War begins.


  • The Gründer Gü 109 enters service.


  • Osean Continental War ends.
  • The iconic AK-47 rifle enters production.


  • The "Cold War" begins.


  • Federal Law Review causes tension in the Belkan Federation.


  • A massive near-earth asteroid, Ulysses1994X2004, is detected approaching the Earth. Multiple nations begin funding projects with the goal of intercepting the asteroid.
  • Terrorist Force conducts precision strikes in the small nation of Kaluga and usurps control of the country, STFS "Scarface" is deployed to handle the extremists and after many hard fought battles the Terrorist force is destroyed.


  • The infamous Belkan War is fought.
  • South Belka is annexed by the Osean Federation, causing resentment in the North.
  • AWWNB launches attacks against Belkan and Ustian complexes. Launch V2 nuclear ICBM to restart the world. Plan foiled by Galm team.
  • The "Cold War" ends.


  • A Major Osean City is Attacked by Belkan Terrorists


  • Antarian Nationalist Insurrection - Nationalist forces within the Antarian Islands stage a coup d'etat, the coup is eventually defeated by Loyalist forces.


  • Usean Rebel Uprising breaks out while Political Leaders are on a diplomatic mission.
  • STFS "Scarface" is deployed in response to the crisis and neutralize the Rebel threat.
  • A short conflict between Osea and Erusea occurs, lasting 16 days.


  • Ulysses Asteroid blasted apart by Stonehenge railgun network. Fragments of Ulysses1994X2004 begin impacting the Usean, Anean and Verusean Continent.
  • The "Sons of Ulysses" Anarchist group (funded by the infamous Grunder Industries) is thwarted in their attempt to destroy stonehenge by Cerberus Squadron.
  • A Yuktobanian terrorist group known as "New Dawn" secures poisonous VX nerve agent and attempts to release the gas. They are foiled by Yuktobanian Spetnaz Commandoes and FSB personel. Three weeks later on July 2nd The Kvant squadron is deployed into the highlands to eliminate the terror cell through airstrikes.

21st Century[]



  • Antartica War comes to an end when the Project 2000 Hyperbomber carrying Whitelandian King Mikael IX is destroyed over the Frigid Sea whilst trying to nuke Antaria City.
  • Antarian Islands takes over the Whitelands Kingdom and becomes the Antarian Islands Empire.
  • The Whitelands Freedom Front rebels against their Antarian rulers, Mako Squadron quickly defeats the rebellion.
  • The Republic of Lanslean invades the Kingdom of Tarbean after negotiations over the control of Raviente Oil Station failed. The South Osean War begins officialy on September 23rd.


  • Usean Continental War begins.
  • The South Osean War ends abruptly when a fragment of Ulysses crashes right into Lanslean superweapon Gollem. Tarbean forces quickly take over the whole Lanslean country and claim it for their own.


  • The last remnants of Ulysses begin falling on the Usean Continent. Most are intercepted by the Arkbird, while others by the Megalith installation in the midst of the final battle of the Usean Continental War.
  • Usean Continental War ends.
  • The Lanslean Liberation Front is established in secret, formed by several independist terrorist cells operating in former Lanslean territory.


  • Beginning of the Estovakian Civil War
  • De facto dissolution of the Emmeria-Estovakia Alliance, due to there not being a central government to be allied with.


  • Abandonment of the Republic of Anea initiative due to the Estovakian Civil War, the initiative is not restarted.


  • The Circum-Pacific War begins and ends.
  • Belkan Grey Men launch plot to turn Yuktobania and Osea against one another.
  • Prime Minister Seryozha Nikanor is kidnapped by the Belkommando Spezialkrafte.
  • President Vincent Harling kidnapped by Grabacr Squadron.
  • The SOLG is destroyed over Oured by the "Ghosts of Razgriz" on December 31st, 2010 bringing the Circum-Pacific war to an end.


  • Grey Men plot foiled by combined Yuktobanian and Osean forces, including Razgriz Squadron.
  • Osean Air Defense Force aquires parts of the prototype ADF-01F that had been collected over the years. Codenamed "Falken", it begins flight evaluation tests the following year.
  • Wellow is invaded by Estovakian Eastern Faction forces.
  • A portion of west Osea and east Belka succeed from their respective countries and form the nation of Leben.


  • Belkan forces invade Ardent, the Lebenian capital.
  • The Life War begins.
  • The V3 OTTN weapon is put into testing.
  • The Life War comes to a close as all nations involved reach a peaceful medium and lay down arms; the V3 OTTN is dismantled and destroyed, and usable metals are used to create a memorial playground in Ardent.


  • Galaan Scharfefaust disappears; Erik Felsen secretly takes command of the Belkan nationalist movement.
  • Rebel uprising occurs once more in the small nation of Kaluga, the STFS "Scarface" and UN forces aid the Kalugan forces in expelling the rebel threat.
  • STFS "Scarface" dissapears once more.
  • Fragments of a Rebel J-20 interceptor are recovred from Donet City harbor by port authorities. Only 30% of the plane is ever recovered.


  • Gustav Dvornik announces the formal dissolution of the Emmeria-Estovakia Alliance.
  • The Anean Continental War begins.
  • Estovakia invades Emmeria.


  • Chandelier, the final device intended to intercept the Ulysses1994X2004 asteroid, is destroyed.
  • Gustav Dvornik, overall Supreme Commander of Estovakia, is killed while attempting to flee the Chandelier.
  • Estovakian military forces begin a coup against the ruling military junta, the "Generals" are forced from power, the Duma of Estovakia is reformed.
  • Anean Continental War ends.
  • The Republic of Emmeria begins Operation Helping Hand, to assist in the recovery of Estovakia from the Ulysses impacts and the recent Emmeria-Estovakia War.
  • Belkan Air Force Brigadier General Erik Felsen publicly declares a rebellion and with his faction, the Reborn Knights of Belka, seizes power in North Belka. War appears imminent despite negotiations between Osea and Belka being resolved peacefully.
  • Formerly peaceful and isolationist country Wellow stages raid on Belka's remaining hidden nuclear aresnal and aquires numerous warheads. Warheads loaded into Wellow Superweapon, as part of Project Distant Thunder, to destroy world superpowers believed to be the cause of worldwide conflict.
  • Wellow Superweapon Serenity is launched; destroyed before reaching orbit by combined world-power military strike force.
  • Belkan forces invade Wellow in response to Serenity incident, capturing southern Wellow base with heavy casualties on both sides. BSK medic Bernhard Schneider, appalled at the bloodshed, begins designing what eventually became Project Dragonchild.


  • A second Osean Continental War begins and ends.
  • Belka ceases to exist as a nation.
  • First V-X Antimatter Bomb is detonated successfully, albeit harmlessly in orbit. The success of the as of yet most powerful Weapon of Mass Destruction ever conceived leaves a lasting impression on the global community.


  • Osean Continental War ends.
  • All of Belka is placed under the jurisdiction of General Resource Limited.
  • 7 of the 8 remaining Belkommando Spezialkrafte operatives are executed for war crimes. Doctor Bernhard Schneider, the sole survivor, finds Erik Felsen, treats his wounds, and smuggles him to Aurelia.


  • Erusian Civil War begins and ends.
  • Leasath Civil War begins and ends.
  • Neucom Incorporated gains control of the former nation of Erusea.
  • Ouroboros is founded and makes its first appearance, but remains a mystery until 2045.


  • Leasath-Aurelia War takes place.
  • Leasath invades Aurelia under the guise of mistreament by the Aurelian people. True reasoning is to fund Navarro's plans to create the ultimate weapon known as the Fenrir fighter.


  • The Federal Republic of Estovakia purchases some Su-57 fighters from Yuktobania.


  • The Lanslean Liberation Force takes over Panaya Military Base on August 17th.
  • August 20th: Tarbean declares martial law on Lanslean territory and assembles its ground and air forces in Kolove to recover Panaya, but they're ambushed by the LLF. Tarbean's king Nicholas III and his two eldest sons die in the attack, and Tarbean ground forces suffer heavy losses. The LLF attempts to drop the PH-666 chemical agent on them but they were stopped by the Valkyria Squadron.
  • The LLF, with the support of the local citizens and military personnel, claims the independence of East Lanslean. The Rebel Conflict breaks.
  • September 2nd: The Valkyria Squadron intercepts and shoots down a General Resource Limited transport flying to LLF territory, carrying some sort of explosives. However, Tarbean goverment can't prove GR implication with the insurgency to the United Nations.


  • Estovakia negotiates the purchase of 8 X-02S Strike Wyverns to equip Dracula Team, an elite squadron led by Toscha Mijasik, one of the few survivors of the Strigon Team.


  • The General Resource Conflict


  • Alexiev Krovchiv "Dies"


  • Doctor Bernhard Schneider manages to gather a massive sum of money which he uses to get himself pardoned by the Neo-United Nations. NUN efforts to hunt down remaining Belkan radicals are ceased.


  • As a good-will initiative, the Anatarian Islands Empire breaks up into the Antarian Islands and the Republic of the Whitelands after Antaria releases control of the Whitelands after 36 years.


  • The Corporate War of 2040 starts between Neucom Inc and General Resource LTD, The UPEO is forced to intervene by NUN.
  • Ouroboros appears and is defeated.



  • Alpha Felsen is awakened in Aurelia.
  • Ouroboros reappears and is defeated.


  • The Belkan Waldreich is formed.
  • The Belkommando Spezialkrafte is reformed.


  • The Belkan Waldreich seizes power in both Belkas, Fato, Recta, Gabet, Ratio, Sapin and Ustio. In response, the Neo-United Nations imposes sanctions against the new regime.
  • Omega Felsen awakened in Osea.
  • The "Dragonchild War" begins in April of that year.
  • Alpha Felsen creates Neo-Ouroboros in secret.
  • In the midst of the war, Alpha Felsen launches a Coup D'etat in late summer; the Belkan Waldreich increases in strength despite this momentary instability.


  • An experimental "photon propulsion drive" was created by the Neucom Space Division. This development allowed many star system generation spacecraft (which was created by General Resource Ltd) to be dispatched within 10 light years of Strangereal. The Alpha Centaurus stellar group (Toriman star and Proxima star), Epsilon Eridanus (Ozma star), #61 Cygnus (Exia star) was chosen due to habitable planets (eg, Koneusu) and the possible terraforming planets (eg, Exia) was discovered.



  • Earth's population reaches a saturation limit. Each national government was integrated into the new United Government to solve these problems and the Neo United Nations was disbanded. That same year, island-type space colony 3 "Uranus" was ordered to be built.
  • Same year, the United Government aims to maintain order, every national armed force was dismantled and the United Government reorganized the armed forces under four military branches the United Government Army (UGA), the United Government Air Force (UGAF), the United Government Navy (UGN) and the United Government Space Force (UGSF).


Human-type island colony "Uranus" construction complete. Within the same year, a revolt broke out on "Uranus". The counterinsurgency lasted a year "Uranus" was later abandoned.

22nd Century[]


  • From 2100 onwards, the year dating system After Galactic (AG) will be used.
  • The University of GAIA is established.

2189-After what have to seem a properous year. Mutiple colonies to prospered a huge colony named Erupherates discovers a ancient alien superweapon it is codenamed XA-01 it is later confirmed that superweapon is a planet killer as a aristocrat terroist miltary force fires at a Martian Colony. Mars was sucked into a sigunlartiy fired from XPK-01. Earthian forces deploy a secret fighter force codename "Salvation Squadron" to take control of their weapon before it targets earth.

23rd Century[]


  • An asteroid three times the size of Pluto enters the solar system, pulled by the Sun's gravitational field, in the Oort Cloud of comets near the Edge of the Solar System. Worldwide plans are put into effect to stop this asteroid.
  • The asteroid is named 2204-A0a-9217 "Necrosphere".


  • Necrosphere enters the orbit of Jupiter, and is swung toward a direct course with the Earth.
  • Coup D'Tat forces rise in Osea and nearly every other superpower, successfully taking over the respective governments and launching Operation: Blacklight to use an experimental Antimatter Charged Particle Orbital Laser Platform "AC-POLP", which fires a laser which glows in light which is black "not to be mistaken with blacklights, a form of UV neon light which glows a blackish-purple).
  • Necrosphere enters the "1,000 Mile Border" of satillites around the Earth. AC-POLP is fired at Necrosphere.
  • Necrosphere is broken into two main pieces and approximately 14.5 billion extremely small ones.
  • The sun is blocked out by Necrosphere half 2 (Nh2).
  • Nh2 impacts Earth at 3:25AM, on October 12, 2201, just south of the North Pole, north of what used to be Belka. 74 million are killed instantly, and earthquakes measuring 11.2 on the Richter Scale rock the entire planet.
  • Nh1 impacts near the Osean capital of Oured, kiling 11 billion people instantly, devastating two continents of people.
  • The smaller pieces rain down on Earth.
  • The atmosphere of the earth is greatly reduced, and the axis is disrupted.


  • On New Years' Day, the Coup D'Tat forces are executed by survivours from all countries, after they are found in the Waldreich mountains.
  • The 30 million survivours scattered about the planet attempt to launch from earth and head for the Vogel, an orbiting space citadel-like city over the Ters Colony on Mars. Only 1 million make it.
  • The 29 million other survivors quickly die from radiation from the reduced atmosphere and wild tilt of the Earth due to the impacts from Nh1 and Nh2.
  • The 1 million survivors make it to the Vogel. The terraforming of Mars nears completion.


  • The terraforming of Mars is complete, and genetically-enhanced and created wildlife is released. Mars becomes the basis of Human settlements.
  • First Contact is made with an alien civilization.












24th Century[]









25th Century[]





26th Century[]


27th Century[]





28th Century[]


29th Century[]