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F-25 (aka tsf-1A) lightsoeeder (Tsf means top speed fighter) is an aircraft faster than darkstar what can only get destroyed by hyper velocity missile.

it's top speed is 16 mach.


The aircraft was built by Ustio and Belka

in the late 2068 . When the two countries were designing it they wanted to create a second spaceship to get launched from the space elevator but in the end it got into an aircraft.It was firstly used by an Ustio experimental squadron and mare specifically from a young pilot named pheonix. it was deployed in the belkan-sapin war where the belkans used this technology to take over the major sapin bases and ending the war in belkan victory but that was not enough for the belkans, so they made a new rocket named xlaam(extreme long range air to air missile)

which could actually get shot from dinsmark(belkan capital) to salatapura (the place where the space elevator is located).but fortunately the cost of production are very high so belka only has two of it in each of it's for planes.


xlaam *2

missile *136

eml *45


psls *780

tls *16


1 belka :the belkan skin with belkan markings

2 ustio: the ustio skin with ustio markings

3 special :the skin of pheonix (unlocked by killing all named aircraft)

4 sapin:the sapin skin with sapin markings (unlocked by beating the game)

5 striker:the belkan skin with striker markings (unlocked by betaing the game)

6 camel;the belkan skin with camel markings (unlocked by beating the game)

7 mihaly A shilage : a skin to remind the people of the former ace pilot mihaly that sadly didn't have the time to see the aircraft before he died