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The International Mercenary Investigation Division (a sub division within UPEO) was formed to provide nations and organizations with info on high profile mercenaries. The division was designed mainly due in part to the explosion in Mercenary and Private Military Contratcors since the Osean Continental War and Erusian Civil War. With the rise of Corporations like General Resource and Neucom Inc. Mercenaries and their PMC counterparts had become more desirable in the eyes of corporations. A. they were expendable and B. Plausible Deniability.

It also serves as an organization that organizes the tracking and arrest of wanted war criminals. Below is a list of the war criminals currently being hunted by them in order from most wanted to least (there are thousands on the list, but below are the top ones).

IMID's most wanted list (and their crimes):[]

  • Arrik Felsen (Alpha) - Treason, Mass Murder, Assault and Battery, Crimes Against Humanity, Willingly organizing and engaging in acts of Terrorism (While in the Ouroboros and the Belkan Waldreich).
  • Erik Felsen (Removed from the list upon his death) - Treason, Mass Murder and Crimes Against Humanity. Also wanted by the Neo-UN for threatening and organizing acts of terrorism (The Osean Continental War).
  • Aidan Johnson (The Puppetmaster) -Treason, Insubordination, Extortion of Government and Military Officials, and Mass Murder.
  • Rodd Householder - Treason, Many accounts of property destruction, Extortion of Government and Military Officials.