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The Ugellan Air Force is the aerial warfare arm of the armed forces of the Independent State of Ugellas. It was practically destroyed during the Erusian invasion of the Second Usean Continental War in 2003. Following the withdrawal of Erusian troops after the defeat of Erusea at the hands of ISAF in 2005, the Ugellan Air Force has rebuilt with the assistance of such countries such as Yuktobania, Belka, and Osea.


  • Air Force General Staff Office
    • Air Forces Command
      • 76th Mixed Aviation Regiment (Su-24, MiG-25, Su-25, Su-27)
      • 51st Fighter Aviation Regiment (Su-30)
      • 60th Fighter Aviation Regiment (MiG-29)
      • 87th Fighter Aviation Regiment (Su-30)
      • 88th Fighter Aviation Regiment (MiG-31)
      • 77th Separate Helicopter Regiment (Mi-24)
      • 91st Separate Helicopter Regiment (Ka-27)
      • 99th Long Range Aviation Regiment (Tu-22M, Tu-142)
      • 102nd Long Range Aviation Regiment (Tu-160)
      • 106th Transport Aviation Regiment (An-70)
      • 193rd Transport Aviation Regiment (Il-76, An-225)
    • Air Defense Command
      • 2nd Radio-Technical Regiment
      • 10th Anti-Air Missile Regiment
      • 96th Anti-Air Missile Regiment
      • 18th Signal and Command Regiment
      • 52nd Electronic Warfare Regiment
      • 195th Security and Support Regiment