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Political map of the nation showing cities, airbases, and airports.

The Union of Shiruba is a Small Island country southwest of Sotoa. Its People and Culture are very different from those who live in South Yutoasia.


Generally Shiruba is a nation that keeps to itself and its relations are limited to the Oseans, Useans, and Alfheim. Its military forces are SDF (Self Defense Forces) and are at the ready in case of invasion at all times, Its capital is Kyoto in the central province of the country. Its Government are led by a council of Five leaders from the Five States and are elected by the people in democratic elections, Legislative branch is known as the Hall of Ministers.

Military forces are on par with many of the Larger Nations of Strangereal. Aircraft Include F-2A Viper Zero, F-14D Super Tomcat, and F-15J Eagle a small number of Su-37s were imported from Yuktobania as well. Tanks include the Type 90 MBT and Type 10 MBT. Artillery include the Type 75 SPG, and the Modified M109A5 Self Propelled Gun. The Navy Includes Hyuga Class Helicopter Carrier, Haruna Class Destroyer, and a couple Kitty Hawk Class CVN. Education is one of the highest ranked in the world, The Currency is the Yen also one of the stronger in the world. The Nation was established in a feirce and bloody civil war in the middle ages known as the "Warring States Period" that lasted one hundred years and took many lives. After the end of the conflict and with the beginning of the first emperors reign The Five state system was established and has remained unchanged since 1500 AD.

The Shiruban culture is diverse and perceived as odd by foreigners. TV, Video Games, along with Anime and Manga are very popular outside of the Nation espeecially in Osea, Aurelia, Erusea (It was censored during the Contiental War.), and Belka; though stringent bans against Anime and Manga related material in Belka has resulted in a "Black Market" of sorts for it.

World War II[]

Also known by many other monikers. Osean conitnental War, Second World War, etc. Shiruba was allianced with Belka, and had loose ties with Erusea and Laeseath. Initally the Imperial Shiruban Military overran many of its neighbors and far off South Osean Lands, most importantly was the nation of Rostierra. They overran it and began to utilize it for industrial and military purposes. In the end this was short lived though, Osean forces supported Rostierran forces in taking back their nation. A well known Shiruban ace by the name of Kojiro Tanegashima fought and engaged Rostierran ace Renaldo Arebal, after a hard fought dogfight Arebal shot Tanegashima's Ki-84 down he would survive and restructure the SASDF in the 50s. In 1945 Shiruba after numerous fireboming attacks and conventional bombing runs were attacked by a new weapon. The Atomic Bomb. The 18 kiloton bomb wiped the city of Kazama out and resulted in the deaths of almost 145,000 people. The aftermath of this bomb forced the surrender of Shiruba and would introduce new reforms to Shriuba (SDF forces, Prime minister as head of state, and the fall of the military dictatorship in the nation.) afterwards some Shiruban forces would fight as mercenaries for the allies during the last two years of the war.


If you didnt get it from reading the article...Its based off Japan.

The Yen is the Currency of Japan

Shirubas military by consitution is limited to SDF forces, has been in place since the end of World War II.

Kyoto is a major city in Japan, also known as the Old Capital.

This is the country that Jacob T. Wright Traveled to where he heard of the Kitsune legend, and named his squadron after it.

Small Arms include the Type 64 and 89 rifles as well as the Ameli Light Machine Gun, and 9mm pistol based off the Mamba 9mm.

Its Realtions with Rostierra are lukewarm at best, despite the change in government and the massive change in mindset of the people of Shiruba; Rostierra still perceives Shiruba as an enemy. Despite both nations holding strong relations with Osea.