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Flag of the United Sotoan Emirates

The United Sotoan Emirates are a federation of small emirates on the Sotoa peninsula of the Verusan continent, located to the southwest of Yuktobania. The country is a coalition of different small emirates, all recognizing the Emir of Ain Sinan—the capital city—as the overall president of the federation. It borders the Kingdom of Hajari Sotoa to the north, the Emirate of Malikiya to the east, and the Republic of Sotoa to the west. Due to its oil and gas reserves, as well as growing status as a financial center in the region, the USE is one of the wealthiest countries in Strangereal. It also serves as a rival to Hajari Sotoa as the leader of the regional bloc of nations, the Sotoan Cooperation Council.

Armed forces[]

The United Sotoan Emirates Army mostly consists of tribal levies of low quality in actual combat, numbering some 15,000 troops organized into five brigades. These soldiers have regional loyalties to their local emirate and their loyalty in times of war is not guaranteed. In addition there is a Special Forces Command of about 1,000 men that carries out special operations abroad and is personally loyal to the President of the Federation, being Malikiya's primary striking force. The United Sotoan Emirates Navy consists of some missile and gunboats, along with patrol ships, limited to patrolling the country's territorial waters. The United Sotoan Emirates Air Force (USEAF) is the most developed branch of the military as the Emir of Ain Sinan considers it the best way for the small country to project its power around the world. It consists of about 200 aircraft, including the F-16, F-22, Typhoon, and Gripen C.