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My Custom Biography

Brian Harisson is ace of Republic of Emmeria Air Force and pilot of Osean Air Defense Force. He was founder of 12th Air Division/13th Tactical Fighter Squadron"Gearz" and 7th Air Division/45th Strike Fighter Squadron"Moon". During Circum-Pacific War, his squadron was fighting the enemy in Kirwin Island when a mission to rendezvous with Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier "Cross". But, he was shot down by enemy and jailed in Pobeda Penissula. after Belkan conflict end, he was go to Gracemeria and joined with Emmerian Air Force.


Early Life

Brian was born on 12 April 1990 in Gracemeria. when he was 10 years, his parent moved to Osean Federation and attended school there.

Join with Air Force

in 2008, he was join with Osean Air Defense Force.he tested of its combat capabilities in Heierlark Air Force Base , and he passed that test. only 1 year in military, he advanced to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and make a squadron callsign Gearz. while thinking about the leader, Erika Andriana one of other rookie pilot, volunteered to be a squadron leader's and her friend Mutiara,Dwika,and Fikri also joined the squadron

During Circum-Pacific War

  • in 27 September 2010,Port St. Hewlett was attacked by Yuktobanian Air Force and Yuktobanian Navy. Gearz Squadron go there as reinforcement squadron while Wardog Squadron and OMDF VFA-206 "Shoerbird" need help to escaped the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet to bay,the Fleet was get ready to attack Yuktobanian vessels while the enemy blockade bay exit. as the result the Kestrel's commanding officer, Captain Nicholas A. Andersen, after forming all the surviving ships into a provisional battle-fleet, directed them to push through the centre, as the airborne fighters attacked the enemy ships, clearing a path. The end result was that the surviving vessels were able to break through the blockade with no losses.
  • in 4 October 2010, Gearz assist Wardog and Osean fighter to engage all Yuke Navy and Air Force. after wipe out the ship and fighter aircraft, Scinfaxi-class Submarine launched Burst Missile . as result, all Osean fighter was shot down. Gearz and Wardog manage to sink the super submarine
  • in last October 2010, Osean Force launched counterattack on Bastok Peninsula .Once making landfall, the OMC companies pushed through the mountainous terrain, knocking out several bunkers with Wardog's and Gearz's help. After pushing through the bunkers, the four companies joined into two units who attacked the outer walls of the fortress at the rear. With Wardog's and Gearz's help, they broke through, and joined into one unit to finish off the Yukes inside the fortress' inner wall. With the help of Wardog and Gearz, the Yukes were defeated, and Osea claimed a foothold in Yuktobania.
  • in 4 November 2010, Gearz go to Apito International Airport to attack Yuke sneak Transport,tank,SAM,and Yuke Air Force.while Wardog stopped chemical weapon from Yuktobanian Commando Force and Yuke Helicopter in Bana City
  • in 25 November 2010, Gearz and Wardog assist Osean force to capture Jilachi Desert. Gearz was joined with Operation Desert Arrow. while Wardog joined with Operation Desert Blitz
  • in 6 December 2010, Gearz has been betrayed by Erika and Mutiara after taking Cruik Fortress, she shot down all enter squadron and escape to Usean Continent. his remain Squadron rescued by Osean Maritime Defense Force
  • a week later, Gearz was suprised by Yuke sneak force in Kirwin Island when a mission to rendezvous the Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier "Cross".he was shot down by Yuke aces Stephen Dragov & Diana Doubova

Jailed in Pobeda

he was shot by enemy aces and taken to prison as P.O.W. In prison, Brian see former Wardog leader Jack Bartlett. Jack mission is escape with his girlfriend Nastasya Vasilievna Obertas and the Prime Minister Seryozha Viktorovich Nikanor. in 0705 hours; Brian, Nikanor, Jack, his girlfriend and other resistence was escape to Airfield with assist from Razgriz Squadron. in Airfield, Heartbreak One escape with C-1 Trader while Brian escape with Su-27 Flanker. before Brian go to Republic of Emmeria, he sent message to him.he say"See you next time,sometime I'll come back to your country, Bartlett".

Back to his own home

After escape from Pobeba, he arrived at Republic of Emmeria. his aircraft condition has almost destroy, left wing lost. when he arrive on Gracemeria Air Force Base, He was greeted by several pilot in base. 5 day after his arrival, he received the rank of Major and make a new squadron nickname Moon with the member from remain Gearz pilot plus 2 rookie pilot. this rookie named Jack McTyson and Johnny Orlando.

During Anean Continental War

After the War

after destroy the Chandelier, Brian out of the Squadron. But he still joined with Emmerian force until now, he works as regular pilot, and Commander Base of Gracemeria Air Force Base with his old fighter, F-14D Super Tomcat & F-15E Strike Eagle.