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Emmerian Air Force, 8th Air Division, 15th Fighter Squadron "Windhover"

8th Air Division, 15th FS "Windhover" Status: Unknown

Former Equipment: F-16C Fighting Falcon x8, F-16E Block 60 x1 (Windhover 10) , F-22A Raptor/Su-37 Flanker-F (Windhover 12), EA-18G Growler x2, F/A-18D/F/A-18F/F-4E/F-16C/F-15E x1 (Windhover 1)

Windhover 1 Mason Householder (F/A-18D)

Windhover 2- Steven Harris (Windhover 7's Twin Brother) (F-16CJ)

Windhover 3- Evan Schumaker (F-16CJ)

Windhover 4- Joseph Batz (F-16CJ)

Windhover 5- Dietrich Helsen (F-16CJ)

Windhover 6- Hector Lanze (F-16CJ)

Windhover 7- Matthew Harris (A friend of User:Wywyrm 1 whom he trained personally) (EA-18G)

Windhover 8- Armand Halschultz (A distant relative of User:Wywyrm 1 residing in Austria) (EA-18G)

Windhover 9- Kaycel Cadano (First female member of the 15th FS) (F-16C)

Windhover 10- Marcus Johnson (F-16E/C/CJ)

Windhover 11- Jayvee Malolos (F-16CJ)

Windhover 12- Paolo Barcelon (F-22A/Su-37)

Secondary Equipment: F-16C Fighting Falcon x3,F-15E Strike Eagle x7, F-22A Raptor/Su-37 Flanker-F (Windhover 12), F/A-18F Super Hornet x2, F-16CJ Fighting Falcon x1 (Windhover 1)

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