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this is just me. a normal ace combat fan;

Erros and Mistakes:

yeah,i know that i started in the wrong way(i think i'm just not good at making histories.)i thank anonymousONIAgent for for showing me several tips on how to make a good article (and for giving me too many reprimands too).

About the portuguese translation

wen i made it, i just thought:"how I would react if it were me in the game.",and so i made the translation.may have even been a cool experience, but was zero as canonical history. so if you like it, you can delete(i really don't thougt about the cannonical part of this when i made it may not be cannon anyway).

About the Fangame that i'm making

the intention is to make the hardest ace combat of all. Initially, it would be a game for the fanfic "Demon's Awakening" (which is not NCF, as a continuation of the translation project into Portuguese, the Brazillian staff was doing with me), but does not mean I'll throw it in the trash, Since a large part of the things that I developed for the game, can be reused to make a game "from scratch".

below, the aircraft that are confirmed (and some that maybe I will replace) for the game I'm doing:

Chengdu J-20 notDefined YES DarkRed with Red Stripes
F-22A RAPTOR notDefined YES US Paintscheme

VF-25 Messiah Fighter

notDefined SpecialUlockble SMS Paintscheme(withe with Red and black Details)
F-5E Tiger Default YES Light Blue
XR-900 Geopelia notDefined MAYBE White
X-02 Whyvern notDefined YES gray with lime canopy
R-103O Delphinus #3 Completing SPMission 02 Terrorism(normal) YES Black Ourobors paintscheme
XFA-36A-O Completing SPMission 02 Terrorism (normal) YES Black Ouroboros paintscheme
F-16XF notDefined YES DarkGray
JAS-39 GRIPEN notDefined YES COFFIN Gray
AH-66 comache notDefined YES Green
MIG-33 Fulcrumm SS notDefined MAYBE(Texture Ploblems) White(i will put the UPEO Paintscheme)
F-15 S/MT Eagle+ notDefined YES/MAYBE GRDF Paintscheme
AYR-102 Delphinus#2 ADV notDefined YES Green With Red
J-7W Shinden Compelting SpMission 01 AceofAces (easy) MAYBE Black With Lime Green Stripes
R-211 Orcinus notdefined MAYBE NOT (render problems. maybe i will change.acepting sugestions ;) ) DarkGray with White(Neucom Default)
SR-71 Blackbird notDefined YES Black
Fenrir Completing SPmission 01 AceofAces (Normal) MAYBE Black with Orange Canopy
R-101 Delphinus #1 NotDefined YES Neucom Paintscheme
R-104 Delphinus #4 Maxima NotDefined YES LightBlue with Darkblue details
X-FA 36A Game NotDefined YES GRDF Paintscheme
R-103 Delphinus #3 notDefined YES Neucom Blue Paintscheme
B-2C notDefined MAYBE Gray
ADFX-02 Morgan notDefined MAYBE White with Red Details
SU-43 Berkut notDefined YES Black
Dornier DO335 notDefined MAYBE(as Special Unlockble) White
ADF-01 Falken Completing SPMission 01 AceofAces (Normal) YES Red
R-103 K Delphinus #3 notDefined SpecialUnlockble Green
C-FA 44 Nosferatu Completing SPMission 01 Ace of Aces(Normal) YES Dark Green
T-23 Tucano ADV notDefined


(maybe i will replace it to the Embraer Stealth or the winner of the F-X2 Project)

FAB SomkeSquadron Paintscheme(Blue with yellow,white and Green details)
R-103U notDefined YES Upeo Paintscheme
SU T-50 PAK FA notDefined YES Gray
X-49 Night Raven notDefined YES Black
F-22DD Raptor II notDefined SpecialUnlocble(Maybe not) Black with Red Details
F-22C Raptor II notDefined YES GRDF Paintscheme
YF-23 Blackwindow notDefined YES Black
R-103C notDefined YES Cynthia special paintscheme
F-14D Super Tomcat notDefined YES Gray
EF-69 Flanken Completing SPmission 01 AceofAces(Hard) MAYBE (maybe i will change it) Black with Red details
Vanship notDefined SpecialUnlockble Gray
Boeing E-3A not unlockble(maybe) YES(maybe NPC) Gray
Mig Firefox Completing SPmission 01 AceofAces (Hard) YES(my intention was to put Mig-31 Foxhound.But it just doesn't exist -_-) Orange with Light Red Details
Hawk not Defined

Maybe Not

(texture problems.maybe i will change it)

Osea Paintscheme
A/F-117 Nav Hawk notDefined YES Black
F-35C Lightning II notDefined YES Dark Gray
EF-2000E TyphoonII notDefined YES UPEO Paintscheme
SU-37 SuperFlanker notDefined YES Dark Gray

Confirmed 'Missions':

Mission Objective Limit time to complete
SP:01 Ace of Aces Destroy all aces from all ace combat games 90 minutes
SP:02 Terrorism Destroy buildings arround a city and jet fighters that protect it 60 minutes

PS:the list will be bigger,so don't worry, with time i will everything post in a article about the fangame.


the not Defined is that the game still don't have a plot. so it will change.

about the planes:

i'm accepting sugestions of wich plane i can put on the game.just leave a coment in the talk page ;)

J7W Shinden in flight

the J7-W Shinden (i really don't know how to write that thing's name.),will be a jet version of the WWII aircraft with LimeGreen/Black Paintscheme(like the XR-45 Caribum 5th paintscheme).

About the mission Ace of aces of the fan game:

Confirmed aces:

Target N° ACE/Plane Game
10 Falco(YF-23.i will try to find the Apalis) Ace combat IX
20 Antares(F-22A) Ace combat X2
30 Gryphus 1(F-22A) Ace combat X
40 Blaze(F-14) Ace Combat 5
50 Garbacr 1(SU-43.maybe i will change to SU-47) Ace Combat 5
60 Yellow 13(SU-35) Ace Combat 4
70 Mobius 1(F-22A) Ace Combat 4
80 Pixy(ADFX-02) Ace Combat Zero
90 Akula(Pak FA) Ace Combat Assault Horizon
100 Bishop(F-22A) Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Scarface 1 (X-02)

Z.O.E. (ADF-01 Falken)

(these two will apear at the same time)

Ace Combat 2
120 Phoenix 1(F-22, i will change it to the EuroFighter Typhoon,Jas 39 Gripen or Mirage 2000 if you like) Ace Combat
130 Cynthia(R-103 C) Ace Combat 3
140 Fiona(R-103) Ace COmbat 3
150 Keith(F-16,unfortunately i didn't find a X-32 or a F\A 32-C model) Ace Combat 3
160 ACE(F-22A) Ace Combat Advance
170 Grendel 1(F-22A,maybe i will try to do the Arkvar V-50) Ace combat Nothern Wings
180 Camilla Almeida "Cocoon 1"(Jas-39 Gripen,I will change it) Ace Combat Cross Rumble
190 Albert Walberg "Lancer 1"(F-14) Ace Combat Cross Rumble
200 Edgar Grint "Albiero 1" (Pak FA) Ace Combat Cross Rumble
210 Rena Hirose(X-49) Ace Combat 3
220 Abyssal Dision (F-15,i will still try to find an aurora model) Ace Combat 3
230 Erich Jager[i don't know if is wrote correctly](EF-2000 E) Ace Combat 3
240 Nemo (maybe R-103,i will define it yet.) Ace Combat 3
250 Talisman "Garuda 1"(F-22A) Ace Combat 6
260 Victor Voychek "Strigon 1" (CFA-44) (if you like,i change it to Yllia Pastenak) Ace Combat 6
270 Cypher "Galm 1" (F-15.i really don't know if i already put him. if yes, it will be N° 90, Right after Pixy) Ace Combat Zero
280 Surprise(R-103K,but can change,whichever you want. comment in the talk page) ??????

PS:i can add more targets if you guys,want,or change the list.

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