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"84. Must not use military vehicles to “Squish” things."
The 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the U.S. Army

Bio (In-'verse)

Lieutenant Jonathan "Jon" Rose, Callsign Sakura, is a pilot in the Republic of Emmeria Navy. More specifically, he flies in the number three slot of "Mage" Squadron (Fourth Carrier Air Wing, Eighth Strike Fighter Squadron), and back-seated by Ensign Taki Sabakura, callsign Halo. He flew during the Anean Continental War, participating in the defence and withdrawal from Gracemeria, the defence of Vitoze, the assualt on Bartolomeo Fortress, the landings at Ortara in support of the second fleet, the relief of Silvat, the passage across Selumna, the assault on San Loma and the Agaion, the capture of Ragno Fortress, the battle in the Moloch desert, the liberation and subsequent defence of Gracemeria, and the final assault on the Chandelier weapons platform.

He is also an avid biker, often seen riding a Takaishi Fireblade sportbike when off base.

About me (Real Life)

Hey. Name's Jon, although this is probably the only place on the Wiki you'll see that used. I'm 19 and British. My hobbies include lurking on the internet (obviously) and writing poor fan-fiction (my profile is here) - I'm so creatively bankrupt with regard to characters I tend to use myself primarily when I need an original one. I also enjoy building models of things and am active on TV Tropes. It would also seem that I have a knack for self-depreciative humour, if only because whatever self-esteem I had vanished long ago (see?).

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