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Being a fanon writter is awesome and its getting more and more awesome since Namco has completely abandoned the strangereal world...

Anyway you all probably wondering why I haven't posted anything for a while...well I'm currently working on the episodes of Ghosts of Avilovka and this is a serious writing cuz I have been researching on some topics and I have emailed many people for information related to what I want to write. So, stay tune and I'll keep u all updated.

Strangereal Nations

Yes folks, I'm using the Miller projection (I posted the pic once in this wiki)...

Here's how I see strangereal nations

In alphabetical order

Adamas/Socialist Republic of The Adamas Islands = Cuba

Amber/Republic of Amber = Still not sure...

Aurelia/Republic of Aurelia = Argentina

Belka/Principality of Belka = Germany

Brasalium/Federal Republic of Brasalium = Brazil

Carranza/United Carranzan States = Mexico

Cayenne/ Free State of Cayenne = New Zealand

Central Sotoa/Central Sotoan Republic = Central Africa

Comona/ Comonan Commonwealth = A pacific nation 

East Clavis/ Socialist Republic of Clavis= North Korea

Emmeria/Republic of Emmeria = Italy (notice the name of Emmerian cities San Loma, Vilanova, Genua, Bartolomeo)

Erusea = Still not sure...

Estovakia/Federal Republic of Estovakia = A combination of Ukraine, and Poland

FATO/Federation of Aboriginal Tribes of Osea = Still not sure...

FCU/Federation of Central Usea = a Federation of 14 different Nations;

  • -Confederation of Northern Indigeneous Nation
  • -Republic of White Valley (Capital: Sharqah)
  • -Snyder
  • -Democratic Republic of Lambert (Capital: Hawkins)
  • -Altooran Usea's Republic
  • -Republic of Central Usea (Capital: Port Edwards)
  • -Republic of Lorient (Capital: Aquitaine)
  • -Republic of Oren (Capital: Oxford)
  • -Republic Commonwealth of Walapola
  • -Usea's Republic of Soria
  • -Chopinburg Province
  • -Shellsbridge Province
  • -Union of Scofield
  • -Payton's Republic

Gebet/Kingdom of Gebet = still not sure (I just find it hard to except, how can a former state of a federation became a monarchy)

Europan/Islamic Europan Union = Emirates Arab Union

Indus/ Republic of Indus= India

Kaluga/Republic of Kaluga = Ickeria or Georgia

Karabastan/Islamic Emirate of Karabastan = Afghanistan

Leasath/Democratic People's Republic of Leasath = Portugal

Levant/ Republic of the Levant = Egypt

Nordennavik/Kingdom of Nordennavik = Norway or Denmark

Nordland/Confederation of Nordland = Finland

North Point/United Kingdoms of North Point = UK

Osea/Osean Federation = USA

Perfanesia/ Federated States of Perfanesia = One of pacific countries

Rasheedi Tamudia/Kingdom of Rasheedi Tamudia = Jordania

Ratio/Republic of Ratio = Netherland

Recta/Republic of Recta = Belgium

Romny/Republic of Romny = Still not sure...

San Martin/ Plurinational Republic of San Martin =  one of south american nations

San Salvacion/Republic of San Salvacion = still not sure...

Sapin/Kingdom of Sapin = Spain

Sercia/ Republic of Sercia = Serbia

Sotoa/ Islamic Republic of Sotoa = Iran

South Sotoa/Federation of South Sotoan = South Africa

Ugellas/Independent State of Ugellas = still not sure...(the map says Japan but...)

Ustio/Republic of Ustio = Austria

Valga/ Khanate of Valge = Mongolia

Valverde/ Republic of Valverde = Peru

Vedia/Islamic Republic of Vedia = Pakistan

Verusa/People's Republic of Verusa = PR China

Wielvakia/Wielvak Republic = Czech Republic