Ace Combat Fanon Wiki

Mission 01 - Steel Axe

X-45 Watercress

Appears with a pair of F-4E north of Midway (the two F-5 targets are South of your position) Only appears if you shoot down the 1st three targets fast enough (be aware of the 3rd wave, shoot down the target only)

Mission 02 - Bird Hunt

X-29 Katana

Appears after downing a few F-4s in the second phase of the Mission Spawns near Tokyo Tower (I think)

Mission 03 - Red and Black - Alpha

F-16C Osaka

Appears at the southern end of Niijima Island flying east then North in the second phase of the mission. He won't escape the island though.

Mission 04 - Red and Black - Bravo

Mirage 2000D Onyx

Appears at the northern end of the coast going down South-west in the second phase of the mission (keep casualty below 50%?)

Mission 05A - Capital Defense

MiG-21-93 Balalaika

Appears East of Tokyo Bay heading west after all of the AA weaponry on Orgoi is disabled and Orgoi is heading South

Mission 05B - Capital Defense

AH-64A Jolly

Appears South of Tokyo Bay after the Orgoi is headed South (It should be obvious as it is the only target there)

Mission 06 - Desert Dawn

AV-8B Sphinx

Appears at the top of the largest pyramid after downing all 4 Apaches that ambushed you

Mission 07 - Safe Recovery - Alpha

Fuelcar Zircon

Appears at the North-western Mining plant at the 2nd phase of the mission (to destroy the facility to activate the pipeline's safety valves). The only target there.

Mission 08 - Safe Recovery - Bravo

U-2 Hengel

Appears at the North-eastern coast at the 2nd phase of the mission. Flies back and forth along the coast. Impossible to shoot down on your own since you have to deal with RPGs and SAMs that constantly spawns near the helicopter.

Mission 09 - Spotlight - Alpha

C-5A Gizmo

Appears behind you after you take out the half of the power for the jamming facility.

Mission 10 - Spotlight - Bravo

SR-71 Buzzword

Appears from Jamming Station Mora heading South once the jamming has been cleared. Better use XLAA or XMAA since he is fast and will try to escape.

Mission 11 - Raging Sea

Icebreaker Kraken

Appears in the Croatian Port at the 3rd phase of the mission along with a couple of other targets.

Mission 12A - Nightwatch

Gunboat Offside

Appears in front of a Destroyer in the Thames River after downing the pair of Su-27s that appeared at the start of the mission.

Mission 12B - Nightwatch

F-15E Mr.8

Appears in the second phase of the mission above Spiridus. Once you down all the 1st batch of AA weaponary on Spiridus.

Mission 13 - Cyclops Slayer

E-767 Timeline

Appears at the eastern secondary radar site once the primary one is destroyed. Better use XMAA or XLAA for quick kills.

Mission 14 - Dragon Lair

YF-23A Bloodstone

Appears on the western side of the map flying North and vice versa. Better silence the Balaur before shooting him down. Will turn to engage you if you don't down him fast enough.

Mission 15 - Grand Flight

F-117A Nightowl

Appears north west of you once you clear the ravine area and is heading towards the goal along with a pair of F-117As. Can only be shot down with a friend since you are unarmed.

Mission 16 - Blockade

Typhoon Element

Appears with a F-16C South-east of the port once the cargo is being loaded onto the transport ship. Will fight you to death.

Mission 17 - Sanctify

Rafale-M Hayate

Appears after downing Sulejmani. Appears west of you flying in circle (Anti-clockwise).

Mission 18 - Alarm Clock

C-17A Express

Appears once the 1st Orgoi appears flying from west to the east.

Mission 19 - Desert Gust

F-15 S/MTD Kelpie

Appears at the airport once you are at Black Bear's location in the 1st phase of the mission. Beware of the Hi-TASM that Spiridus fires and you should be fine.

Mission 20 - Ghost Hunt

Su-47 Lily

Appears on the west side of the lake heading east towards you. Better take down the engines on the Spiridus 1st before dealing with her. She is also aggressive as she will try to take you down with the other Su-37s and S-32s in the area.

Mission 21A

F-35C Vulcan

Appears in the center of the 3rd group of 3 Mig-29s once the 1st and 2nd B-2A bombers destroyed. North of San Francisco. Another Aggressive ace.

Mission 21B

Hovercraft Garnet

Appears at the same position of F-35 Vulcan but it's on the ground. Appears after you destoryed a number of tanks and SAMs.

Mission SP01 - Operation X

Fenrir Dandelion

Appears opposite of the last group of Falken (targets) heading north.

Mission SP02 - Ace of Aces

Su-37 Storgion

Appears as the 20th aircraft (after the 2nd wave of F-4s) out of the 100 aircraft you need to shoot down in that Mission

F-22A Gryphus 1

Appears as the 30th aircraft (after the 3rd wave)

F-15E Galm 1

Appears as the 40th aircraft (after the 4th wave)

F-14D Wardog

Appears as the 50th aircraft (after the 5th wave)

F-14D Zipang

Appears after downing F-14D Wardog

Su-37 Yellow 13

Appears as the 60th aircraft

F-22A Mobius 1

Appears as the 70th aircraft

F-15S/MTD Dision

Appears as the 80th aircraft

Falken Z.O.E.

Appears as the 90th Aircraft

Typhoon Phoenix

The last aircraft you need to shoot down in that mission