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I was playing on my Laptops PSX emulator, and decided to use the Screenshot feature to capture some pics of the two games. Yes i have the physical copy of the First Air Combat, But i Have Roms of Ac2 and 3(JP). But here are some screenies of Air Combat and Ace Combat 2.

Stanard F-14A in Air Combat, and yes i engaged the cheat for to use the enemy colors on my plane.


(I'll add more later damn photo upload is acting up.)

Air Combat MiG-31 "Foxhound" fast but handles like a brick.


Bleedin miracle its working! oh wait now its not...><

Me firing an AIM-9 at a URF MiG-21

F-16C in Combat AC2.

Bandit Deleted!

Same Misson, Same MiG-21 except hes Scrap Metal now. Haha.

F-16A im quite sure the Kalugan AF model is an A or an Early C model.

F-16A or Early C model. (Im thinking A)