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Part of the Wielvakia-Erusia war.


This is the character list. Please try to concentrate while reading this part, otherwise you won't understand the story.

Navajos 58th Fighter-bomber squadron Made up of two F-14As, four men. Call signs Navajo 1 and 2. Allied asset P-3C Orion codename Oreo.

Renegades 2nd division covert ops (covert in this case being protection, escort, or cover. Nothing related to secret operations.) Made up of ten men. One commander, two demolitions officers, two intel officers, three gunrunners, and two snipers. All characters within this unit will be referred to by nicknames.

Le Chariot, movement to staging point for attack on Fort Akers hill

The fight


Waxman: Hey Clarence, I need to borrow your scope.

Clarence: What for? They're coming any time!

Waxman: That island with the skeletons is creeping me out. I need to investigate.

Clarence: Here. Give it back immediately.

Waxman: All right. They're just fish.

Bearded man: You boys better cool it; three transports coming down the road. Give him back his scope.

Pixelate: Lock and load, gents.

Wyvern: Time to kick the tires and light the fires.

Bearded man: Wait till they've passed us.

Erusian soldier: Capitaine, combien de temps jusqu'à ce que nous y arriver? (Captain, how long till we get there?) Erusian officer: Environ trois heures, tout le monde courir à travers leurs contrôles. (About three hours, everyone run through their checks.) Bearded man: Grenades going hot. (Throws grenade and starts shooting)

(Ambush begins)

Pixelate: Waxman, follow me. Bearded man, we're leaving! Going to an outflanking position!"

Bearded man: Go! Guys, lay down coverfire for them!

Pixelate: Machine gunner, behind the seat! Clarence!

Waxman: They're running into the bushes!

Bearded man: Pull out! We gotta cross the river onto the island: F-14s are gonna be here soon! Pull out!

Erusian soldiers hiding in the bushes: Vous en procurer! Continuer à courir, lâches! (Get some! Keep running, cowards!) Erusian captain: Je sais leur langue: ils desdits plans viendrait. Run! (I know their language. They said planes would come. Run!)

JT: 18hotel, 20hotel, this is Papa Quebec. Commence strike package Alpha on enemy convoy. Location is-(sends coded location)


Navajo 1 RTO: Got it, Papa Quebec. Navajo 2, location for strike package alpha is 264 degrees East crossing 12 degrees North.

Navajo 2 RTO: Got it. Arming napalm.

Navajo 1 RTO: Napalm armed. Miller, ready?

Navajo 1 Pilot: Right. Ask Oreo to clarify the location. Checking left, vectoring 162.

Navajo 1 RTO: Oreo, tell target location.

Oreo air asset: Target is two miles. Location is correct.

Navajo 2 Pilot: Going down to 3,000. Slowing to attack speed.

Navajo 1 Pilot: Going down to 3,000.

Navajo 2 RTO: I have target location on my screen, time on target is one mike.

Navajo 1 RTO: Time on target, one mike.

Oreo: All right guys, engage at your own discretion.

Navajo 1 Pilot: I'm on target.

Navajo 1 RTO: Bombs away!


Raybeam: What the--that's the planes.

Bazooka Joe: Well, I'll be- aren't those napalm bombs? JT, you had better set those coordinates right.

JT: I did.

Wipeout: They're being dropped, duck and cover!



Navajo 2 Pilot: On target.

Navajo 2 RTO: Bombs away.

Navajo 2 Pilot: Impact. Pulling up.

Navajo 1 RTO: I've gotten a message from the ground. "Good work, mission accomplished."

Oreo air asset: Mission complete, RTB.

That's all

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