Ace Combat Fanon Wiki

Hello my fellow Aces! I'll be making blogs like this at the end of each month to report our current progress on the Ace Combat Fanon!

Current Progress

Let's talk about the current progress of Fanon Promotion and activity on this wiki. In technical terms we are doing fairly well and the Ace Combat Fanon is (if not better) what it was before! It seems that the total amount of members we have working here now is around the same number of people that were here when the Ace Combat Fanon started. While we can do better for now I would like to congradulate you guys for helping the Ace Combat Fanon and making quite interesting stories!

Other News

The voting is over for the "Time To Play" and the page we will be using to help promote the fanon is Ace Combat: Sons of Ulysses created by Cerberus Leader!

Also I will be gone for a few days (Vacation baby!) so keep up the good work while I am gone and don't mess this place up like the Belkan Border!

That's all for now!

"Your life as an Ace, will be told from the hearts of Aces." - ACZ Website

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