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VFA-206 traces its roots back to the end of the Belkan War when the Osean Maritime Defence Force wanted a squadron capable of defending the fleet and so VFA-206 was born in 1996, as a fleet defence squadron they where equipped with F-14A Tomcats and later the F-14B Bombcat, in 2010 the squadron was most active with the Circum-Pacific war. In 2011 following the Osean Defence Review VFA-206 transitioned to F-18C Hornets, the F-14As and Bs ceased being used by VFA-206 in 2012, in 2014 F/A-18F Super Hornets began to phase in and the F-18Cs where fully phased out in 2018.

Bombing of Port St. Hewlett[]

On the 27th of September 2010 the Yuktobainian Air Force lauched a surprise attack on Port St. Hewlett's facilities and ships, VFA-206 aircraft where the first to be scrambled with the OADF 5th Fighter Wing's 108th TFS 'Wardog' arriving shortly after, the combined force of the OADF and OMDF prevented the loss of OFS Kestrel the flagship of the 3rd Fleet, but during the battle 7 ships including; Destoryers, Frigates, Corvetts and a fireboat where sunk