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The Vector Space Ordnance System (VSOS) is a new technology developed by the Principality of Belka, and later perfected by the Osean Federation and the Union of Anea.

The system allows military vehicles to utilize a large storage of ordnance, more than what can be carried by the vehicle itself. The system creates a "Vector Space" between the stockpile or ordnance and the weapon, allowing the weapon to directly pull from a stockpile of ordnance to engage more targets in each mission.

Currently, the only systems available are installed onto the fighters of the 123rd Tactical Fighter Squadron of the Ocean Federation and Schleifen Squadron of the Union of Anea, allowing them to engage and destroy much more targets within each sortie, pulling directly from a stockpile of bullets, missiles, bombs and other ordnance.


  • Version 1.0 - Developed by the Principality of Belka, Version 1.0 was an experimental phase in the development of the VSOS. It was successful in transferring ordnance via Vector Space to a separate terminal. However, the system was large and impractical and used immense amounts of energy, making it unsuited for any military use.
  • Version 1.5 - A smaller version of Version 1.0 developed by the Principality of Belka, this sytem was much more practical and could be used on larger military weapons, such as artillery and bombers. However, it still required massive amounts of energy, something that could only be supplied by large and cumbersome generators, limiting its availability and use in military operations.
  • Version 2.0 - A version that was small and was much more energy efficient than previous versions. However, it was an unreliable system and had a tendency to break down, and maintenance was very difficult and expensive, resulting in the Principality of Belka finally disbanding the project, leaving it to two buyers: the Ocean Federation and the Union of Anea.
  • Version 3.0-O - The perfected version made by the Ocean Federation, this system was very small and energy efficient, utilizing space-time compression to carry the energy along, taking most of the work out of the system itself, consuming much less energy and making it practical for military use. However, due to the extreme expenses in building the system, it was only installed on the four aircraft belonging to the 123rd Tactical Fighter Squadron.
  • Version 3.0-A - The perfected version made by the Union of Anea, the system worked in very much the same way as the one built by the Ocean Federation, using space-time compression to transfer ordnance. In the same way as the Ocean Federation, the expenses forced the Union of Anea to make only four, and give those systems to the planes of Schleifen Squadron.