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Vertigo 1 was a West Clavian pilot and flight leader of Vertigo Squadron.

He was renowned for leading his squadron to putting down the Pangoran insurgency in 2007. The pilot alone eliminated nearly half of the NPLF forces and was lauded by the West Clavian military. He however was feared and scorned by the Pangoran natives, and his negative reputation continued on even after the conflict's end.


Vertigo 1 came from a family with a prominent history of military service, dating back to the Dardene Uprising of 1832. His grandfather was a fighter pilot during the First Clavian War.

Pangora conflict[]

When conflict broke out on Pangora island in the spring of 2007, Vertigo 1 along with the rest of his squadron was deployed from the FRCS Magistrate. For several months, the Vertigo Squadron operated from the carrier, taking out NPLF aircraft and ground positions throughout the island. The squadron later engaged the Tauros Squadron, who were defending the captured HIMARS that were preparing to fire on the Clavian mainland. Vertigo 1 managed to down all of the aircraft and take out the launchers before they can fire. With the majority of the NPLF eliminated, Vertigo 1 and his squadron were honored as national heroes.


On the night of November 22, 2010, during the height of the Circum-Pacific War, Vertigo Squadron was scrambled to intercept a supposed Yuktobanian recon plane over the Ariel Sea. An Osean guided-missile cruiser was also present in the area. In a failure of IFF, the Oseans mistaken Vertigo's Flankers as Yuktobanian fighters and fired upon the squadron. Vertigo 1 was shot down, killed as his aircraft crashed into the water. His death led to nationwide outrage, leading to a large protest outside the Osean embassy in Yeoson against the increasing Osean military presence in West Clavis.

His only daughter would later follow him in his footsteps, becoming a pilot of the Clavian Air Force. She too would end up in a major conflict, stationed onboard the Magistrate.