The Verusan Crisis, also known as the Yuktobania-Verusa War, was a conflict waged between the Union of Yuktobanian Republics and the People's Republic of Verusa. Although the both nations officially declared war on each other in November of 2026, fighting began earlier between their forces in mid-October when Verusan forces aggressively seized the disputed Anitai Islands in the East Pacific.


In the early 2020s, Verusan President Ma Zhongsan launched a series of reforms that would allow for political liberalization in the authoritarian country. While the Verusan citizens enjoyed more democratization and the loosening restrictions on media and speech, the hardliners in the ruling Socialist Party were concerned that Ma's reforms were leading the country into chaos. Some hardliners even believed that Ma was a puppet of Yuktobania and Osea, as international relations with these countries were very warm during his tenure.

Due to the rampant terrorism and refugees from Sotoa and the disruption of the global economy from the wars in Usea and southern Osea, the Verusan real estate bubble began to falter. Eventually in October of 2026 it cracked, sparking a economic crisis in Verusa. Shortly after, Ma was suddenly killed onboard his presidential aircraft when it exploded mid-flight. The country was thrown into chaos, and the hardliners seized full control of the government, led by former Air Force general Chang Liu. Believing that Ma was assassinated by foreign agents from Yuktobania, Chang ordered the Verusan People's Army to invade the Anitai Islands.

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