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-War isn't some game. its where mankind lays its soul, its very existence on the line."

Victor Patterson was born on December 15th, 1989 in Lumen North Osea (at the time South Belka) The son of Erwin Patterson and Freesia Patterson, Patterson was born at a time when the econmoically devastating federal law review was passed in Belka placing her in a posistion that would later send it spiraling into conflict with Osea, Sapin and Ustio. His grandfather was the Aureilian Ace Jacob T. Wright "Kitsune 1" the man who was recognized for his skill in combat during the 40s as an allied ace. He looked up to his Grandfather and his Father since they were both pilots in the air force and dreamed one day of becoming an ace himself.

His father was looked down in his family for gaining Osean Citizenship and becoming a member of the Osean military. an action that even got his sons shunned by his family. He moved his family to the Great Lakes region in 1990 thinking it would be safer if they moved away from the volataile border, however in 1995 that would be proven wrong as Osea was invaded by Belka. They were trapped for two weeks in their home, avoiding detection and listening to radio chatter. after an offensive by the Oseans the family was safely evac'ed to a hospital in the south where Victor's father linked up with his squadron. His father went into combat flying an F-16A, after several engagements along the Belkan Border and gaining 13 kills to his credit shortly afterwards he was sent to support the allies as they made their advance into Ustio territory. During the battle of Futuro Canal his father encountered Schakal squadron and was shot down. He survived and continued the war piloting an F-16C and fought during Operation Cannibal, and was on patrol in Lumen when the XB-0 attacked, at wars end his father scored 60 kills, 16 of them made during operation "Battle Axe". When Victor was Tweleve his family moved to Hierlark where Victor lived in relative peace with his older brother Marcus and his newly adopted sister Saya (Saya was Erwins wingmans Daughter). The Three went to school together, Marcus and Saya wanted to join the military and as for Victor he didnt. he had gained a love for astronomy, and one day wanted to seek alien words outside of the solar system. he applied himself to his sciences and mathmatics and dilligently worked hard at his goal. After high school, the unthinkable happened. his father was attacked by a group of Belkan Extremists when he was at a bank. a civilian bank was targeted several men armed with AK-47s and MAC10s stormed the bank and killed anyone who didnt comply. his father took three rounds. one in the leg, arm and fnally a bullet was lodged in his spine. paralyzing him.

Aurelia, his enlistment and Service 2010-2013[]

After the incident, Victor and his family were advised to move away. Victor chose to stay with his grandparents and Aunt in Griswall and attend college there, Saya came along as well attending the same college. Marcus joined the Osean Marines as a scout sniper, and his parents decided to settle in Port Patterson, his father joining a Chimera technologies research unit intrested in a producing a flight interface for paralyzed pilots. Victor began his stay in Griswall and his attendance at The University of Griswall, excelling in his classes until he ran out of funding a year later. Unable to fund his schooling, he played the only card he had. he enlisted in the Aureilian Air Force and with his enlistment revivied his enthusiasm to become an ace pilot. after training and final examination in 2010 Victor was placed in the Kitsune Squadron, the 132nd Air Division. 22nd Air Defense Squadron. Piloting an F-4EJ Phantom II, he patrolled over Griswall and Monte Breeze. On the ground he doodled in a notebook of his, drawing Neko Girls and aircraft, among other things. he was nicknamed Vacant for a while for his inattentiveness when drawing. But Victor remained serious and commited to his patrols and orders in flight.

On June 17th,2010 the squadron was called for a drug interdiction operation. A band of Leasathian drug smugglers/rebels had been producing cocaine and smuggling it into major cities for distrubutuion, as a result the AAF was called upon to support the Aureilian Speical Forces teams and the Navy to aid in the destruction of the facilities. This would be Victor's first operation as a member of Kitsune squadron, the operation went smoothly at first with the team dropping their muntions on target and destroying several convoy vehicles, labs, and the facilities themselves. as Victor's flight lead made another pass over the facility, he came under fire from an enemy NSV HMG and took several hits to the fuselage. his plane smoked heavily, he was forced to bug out after his engine began to give out. Not wanting to accept withdrawl from the zone he took over as flight lead alongside Victoria Anfang the teams #2 and quickly took command of the situation. as they regrouped several rebels had escaped Navy RA-5D Enforcer Attack Aircraft from VF-91 "Joker" Squadron and were making their way to the border. He made a hard left pushing his F-4 to the limit, as he did he sighted the vehicles. he lined up and made his attack run, dropping his 2000lb bombs on the enemy technicals destroying them. his team made their runs with the same result. The team was given a commendation for thier actions in combat, as more calls came in the more Kitsune team was sent out. On August 9th, 2010 the Team now flying F-2A Viper Zero and F-16C Fighting Falcons made their way to a point on the border, the team encountered Stingers and Heavy Small Arms fire as they flew overhead. An illegal arms deal was being made by the rebels, and they were defending their product no matter the cost. Victor locked his AGM-65s on target and fired, the missiles streaked over the jungle canopy and destroyed the facilities. #1, #2 and #3 followed up with their attacks with the same result. As they circled over. the desperate enemy fired once more upon them. This time they fired more shoulder launched SAMs on them. A "Grail" missile was fired from a run down guard tower and tracked their captain. the missile made its mark on the F-2A despite evasive action taken and the plane went down in flames. killing their captain on impact.