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"Two angels will one day come face-to-face. It will be a battle of legends." - Vincent

The man known only as Vincent is the main ace pilot of the Union of Anea during the Anean Uprising. He is known to be lethal and brutal in his flying tactics. He quickly becomes the rival of Shane Hale and the main threat to Osea during the conflict. He is the leader of Schleifen Squadron and the main antagonist of Ace Combat: Wings of Dawn.



It is unknown what Vincent did before the start of the war, but it is reasonable to speculate he was a lead pilot for Estovakia's air force.

Start of the War[]

It is also unknown exactly where Vincent was at the very beginning of the war, but it is highly likely he was the one who gave the declaration of war to Osea via broadcast on their military mainframe.

First Encounter with Shane Hale[]

Vincent's first encounter with Shane came when he was escorting a surveillance aircraft and a group of UAVs acting secretly as new tech jammers, so he and his squadron were completely invisible to radar, while the aircrafts he was escorting were to further fool the enemy. Hellhound and White Raven squadrons were sent under the suspicion that there could be a trap. Vincent and his squadron quickly wiped out the entire group except for Shane and Octavia Forthright. Vincent was almost able to take down Shane, but in the last second, Shane made an impossible countermaneuver and damaged Vincent's aircraft. Vincent then declared that he and Shane are now rivals, and took his squadron out of the combat area, leaving Shane and Octavia alive.