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"I'll take down Three Strikes, you just have to run as fast as possible."
Serpent calling Bogen to escape

Vincent "Bogen" Masson, callsign Bogen. Due to Erusea's geography and vast coastlines, its naval power was always considered a fundamental key of Erusea's war strategies, but the loss of the powerful Aegir Fleet during the Continental War showed that anti-ship aircraft operations could turn the tide on even for the most powerful navies of the world. As such, the Erusean Air Force began investing in land-based attack squadrons specializing in anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare. Vincent, an experienced pilot in that kind of naval warfare was part of those attack squadrons.

Vincent was a pilot well-liked by his peers for his sense of humor. No matter the situation, he was always ready with quip or a joke, usually of a crass or inappropriate nature, even in the face of mortal danger. His unit managed to keep a high level of morale and distinguished themselves by being the tip of the spear of the operation that sank the OFS Kestrel II on May 30. He and his unit continued prowling above the Usean waters for months to come, sinking at least a dozen ships of several sizes, most notably the Aegis cruiser OFS Shrike and the destroyer OFS Warbler during a surprise attack as they conducted refueling operations south of Seals Bridge. Vincent also participated during the Osean raid at Comberth Harbor, refered to by the Oseans as Operation Balance, which happened on July 7, which crippled the cruiser OFS Snipe and forcing it to retreat for repairs, while damaging at least six other vessels. This series of successes earned a high degree of prestige to him and his squadron, and received the affectionate nickname of the "Anchorhead Corsairs" after the city they were originally based on, or just "Corsairs", by Erusean troops

On September 19, Osea launched a major offensive on the capital of Erusea, Operation Giant's Step. Vincent arrived ahead of his squadron as part of the reinforcements meant to stop the offensive in its tracks, but balance of the battle in the city was shifting strongly towards Osea. Osean armored troops and mechanized infantry marched forward towards the Erusean HQ,while Erusean resistance was smashed by the Osean air support. Not even the powerful anti-air Aegis Ashore, with its powerful air defense capabilities was able to stop the Oseans. Moreover, Osean Marine Defense Force's ships with the help of the LRSSG were beating back the Erusean Navy and reaching Farbanti's coast. With the battle already clearly lost, Vincent decided to attempt to retreat and ordered his men to do the same, ignoring orders to carry out the attack, seeing it as nothing but a pointless sacrifice. However, it was too late, as he was intercepted and shot down south of Farbanti by Trigger.

Unfortunately, what happened to Vincent after this incident remains unclear. A post-war investigation team found the remains of his F-2A in shallow waters south of Farbanti, with the ejection seat missing, its unique white and red colors still intact. It is believed Vincent managed to eject and landed on the ocean, but due to the chaotic nature of the aftermath of the battle he might have been missed when search and rescue operations were conducted in the area. Experts believe that, if he survived the initial ejection and did not suffer injuries that might have been fatal, ocean currents might have dragged him into open sea, where survival was unlikely. These ocean currents have sometimes led the remains of some aircraft and vessels sunk during the battle to wash up as far as Sotoan coasts months later, but the remains of Masson have never been found. As such, he is officially listed as missing in action, though he is presumed dead.

On December 2, 2019, Vincent was found exhausted and almost dead in an unnamed island of the Erusean coast near Farbanti. He was rescued by an Erusean cruiser and returned to Farbanti, and stayed in hospital for a few months and still feel bad for his friend death.