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WAREAGLE 1. OPERATING HISTORY. Trained in the base of Fort Rock (late 1993).

In the year 1995 (Ace Combat 0) passes, as a mercenary on the side of the squadron Galm.Prende part in 10 missions, but the main ones being the elimination of air units around at Excalibur and the killing of 'XB-O.

In 1998 (Ace Combat 2) takes part in a significant but only 6 missions, the attack on the Fortress Intolerance.

In 2005 (Ace Combat 4) participates in 8 missions, important, Stonehenge, the distuction of 'Yellow Squadron and the suppression of the Megalith.

In 2010 (Ace Combat 5) participated in 14 missions, returning after years in Fort Rock. The main missions are the defense of the fleet Yuktobaniana Sand Island, codusse also a secret mission called ADA, consisted in the attack on an enemy base Top-Secret hiding the only ADA-01 working (it was later used by Wareagle 1 for the rest of his career), the 'pursuit of WARDOG and the subsequent landing on OSF Kestrel, the killing of' White Bird and SOLG.

In the year 2015 (Ace Combat 6) participates in a single mission, where he gave a hand to break down the P-1112 and its aircraft fleet.

Plane use in the Mission.


Training: F-1

Excalibur: A-4

XB-O: MIG-21

Fortress Intollerance: A-10

ADA-01 Wareagle1

Wareagle ADA-01

Stonehenge: F-16 XL

Megalith: F-18

Sand Island defense: F-35


ADA: F-22

Pursuit of Wardog: ADA-01

White Bird: ADA-01

300px-E-2C Hawkeye 0014

Solg: ADA-01

P-1112 and air fleet: ADA-01

In the end of 2010 Wareagle squadron have support for all from the space with the Redbird.

In the 2011 Wareagle squadron have a suppor from Eye Eagle.

AIR UAV MQ-1 Predator vs MQ-9 Predator-B lg

For une mission Wareagle 1 pilot a PREDETOR B.

Some rumors say that Wareagle 1 has been seen with the staff of Ouroboros for tests on the UI-4054 Aurora, X-49 Night Rave


n and XR-900 Geopelia.