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The Wielvakian Air Force (WAF) is the air force serving the Republic of Wielvakia.


Early times (1946-1994)[]

The WAF was founded July 12, 1946 near the end of the Osean Continental War. Osea had decided to weaponize most neutral countries at the time with an intent to turn their opinions against Belka. Wielvakia had recieved a fair amount of B-17 and B-29's (both totaling fifty aircraft), P-51, F6F, and Spitfires (twenty-five aircraft), and ten C-47 Skytrains. The WAF was inactive throughout the remainder of the war, mainly due to the fact that they did not have enough well-equiped bases able to handle the military aircraft.

The aircraft were used in reserve, and Osea had sent more planes to Wielvakia, since Osea had picked up in manufacturing and trade. The aircraft grew in type and number, bases were built/found, and by the 1970's the WAF had acquired a subtle, yet quite effective number of jet aircraft and long range bombers. Osea had stopped exporting aircraft to Wielvakia per the Wielvakian government's request.

1995 Belkan War[]

In 1995, the Belkan War had started, and the WAF was first active since its founding almost fifty years ago. Despite the intensity of the war, the WAF saw limited action, occasionally bombing Belka, delivering air support, or small dogfights resulting from patrols.

After Belka (1996-2009)[]

In 1997, the Union of Yuktobanian Republics had lightened up their Communist Regime a bit and exported some aircraft to Wielvakia. Unfourtunately, Yuktobania could not continue trading with Wielvakia because of troubles with their government.  Erusea and Belka also briefly traded with Wielvakia.

Wielvakian-Erusean Conflict (2010-2011)[]

In 2010, all was quiet. Training exercies continued on, air shows were displayed, so on. On 01 September 2010, aircraft from the Federal Erusean Air Force were detected 450 mi. out from the Wielvakian coastline at a very high speed. The cities were put on alert, and some evacuations were ordered. The Erusean Air force attacked and bombed Wielvakia, but were repelled by SAMS and a large number of fighters. The WAF would help in airstrikes to push Eruseans out of Wielvakia.

On 16 September 2010, the WAF was called into a large number of operation, and almost all planes were active. The Erusean coastline was hammered by attackers and bombers to make way for the landing operation. By 04 October 2010, a major base had been taken, Le Chariot Combat Base. Le Chariot had appropriate facilities, so a considerable amount of WAF planes were moved over. Here, the WAF would provide close air support, bombing, and fighter support in large amounts, especially at a battle near a classified town, since the Army had been declining in their effort.

On 06 February 2011, the Eruseans surrendered, and the WAF returned to Wielvakia.

Post-war (2011-onwards)[]

The WAF would be inactive after the war. Some WAF planes were seen over Aurelia in 2020, but they returned home without too much effort.


The WAF uses six installations in Wielvakia. Four are in large cities. The WAF radar can track missiles in a 450 mi. radius around the country. It uses truck-mounted SAMS.



  • P-51D
  • Spitfire
  • F6F
  • B-17
  • B-29
  • C-47


  • A-10
  • ADFX-01
  • B-1B
  • B-52
  • C-130
  • E-3
  • F-117A
  • F-14A
  • F-15C
  • F-16C
  • F/A-18
  • MD-87 (Presidential transport)
  • Mi-24
  • P-3C
  • Su-32
  • U-2
  • UH-60
  • X-02