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The "World Alliance for Peace and Justice" (or WAPJ), is a military coalition formed after the chaos instigated by the 3 nuclear attacks on Belka, Osea and Erusia. The mission of the WAPJ is to stamp out the Kingdom of Desfidare, the alleged guilty party behind the attacks.

Founding Nations[]

Osean Federation: The second nation hit by a nuclear missile; leaders of this nation branded the Kingdom of Desfidare as a scapegoat for the attacks and formed the WAPJ to eliminate them.

Federal Republic of Erusea: The first nation hit by a nuclear missile; Along with Osea, Erusia was one of the founding members of the WAPJ.

The Principality of Belka: The war torn nation of Belka had made a steady recovery from the Circum-Pacific War 13 years ago. However, all of that progress was erased when the third nuclear missile struck the capital of Belka. When presented with an invitation to the WAPJ; there was zero hesitation on the Belkans' part.

Secondary Member Nations[]

Democratic Republic of Leasath: Still recovering from their conflict three years ago with Aurelia; Leasath's military was reformed into the "Lesathean Mercenary Corps." Nearly 76% of the Corps' forces have been committed to the WAPJ

Republic of Emmeria: Though unscathed by the nuclear attacks, Emmeria erupted into civil war after the attacks. Under pressure to bring back stability in the country, the Prime Minister and his chiefs of staff agreed to join the WAPJ; hoping to put an end to the chaos.

Federal Republic of Estovakia: Anarchy swept across Estovakia as a result of the nuclear strikes. Like their neighbors; Estovakia felt pressured to join the WAPJ in order bring back stability.

Union of Yuktobanian Republics: The Leaders of Yuktobania feared the WAPJ would misinterept their desire to stay neutral as sympathizing Desfidare; unwilling and unable to defend their country from such an attack, they joined the WAPJ.

Task Forces[]

The WAPJ has task forces that primarily function as peacekeeping forces. Though only one is leading the charge in the Desfidarean War.

-Task Force 15: The only combat ready task force that is participating in the war.